Tough Love: Rising Star Chloe Clouds’ New Pop Ballad Resonates with Hearts


Chloe Clouds is an emerging pop artist who has already built a strong audience. Her first two tracks have earned over 100 thousand streams already, an impressive achievement for a new musician and a singer who is only just beginning her journey. Chloe’s music focuses on empowering others and building a solid, engaging music catalog that can be dark and beautiful through heartbreak and soul. She specializes in music with americana and soul vibes and defines her tracks as pop, although they have quite a bit of complexity in the style and the delivery.

Tough Love is the most recent example of Chloe Clouds’s talents. It is a pop ballad with a piano sound and a vibe that can remind listeners of James Bond films, with the passionate, sexy, and charming thrill the track evokes. The song was developed alongside producer Claudio Pando Angulo and is all about the power of leaving a toxic relationship, of saying goodbye to a bad place. 

This is not meant to be a specific story. Rather, it is a general tale with a lot of emotion behind it, one that is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever faced a toxic relationship or a painful but necessary breakup. The ballad showcases Chloe’s spectacular pipes and her unique talent for communicating emotion to empower her listeners. 

Since 2019 Chloe’s passion has spiralled now taking it more seriously than ever. After recently attending a music conference in Nashville, Tennessee where she solidified her love for making music. “Meeting incredibly talented like-minded individuals is such an inspiration, along with learning techniques from the best in the industry. Nashville will always have a place in my heart. It is a very special place & I have a sense of belonging there despite me not even being American & knowing little country music! (Which I now LOVE btw)“

“Art is very subjective, each & every song has an element of vulnerability in it – so conquering your fears has been the hardest obstacle. Once you face those fears the rest flows easily. Then being able to share those deep fears & lyrics based on utter heartbreak is what people want & can relate to. We have all been there during some part of our lives. I take inspiration from Adele & Sam Smith – they lay such beautiful lyrics & songs down & I want to touch hearts & stir emotion whether that’s crying or empowerment to upgrade to a new relationship or better version of yourself.”

“ I love every part of it.” she says. “The favourite element is allowing myself to express emotions through song. That is very special. Creating art that others can relate to & be empowered by is motivation alone to continue. Especially when somebody reaches out to me to tell me how my song touched their heart. I am still honing my craft & having fun along the way. I consider myself being at the beginning of a beautiful journey.”

Chloe-Clouds Chloe is currently putting together an album which will likely be in production stages next year, whilst attending song retreats & helping other artists with the business administration & distribution side of things.

Tough Love is about loving yourself and being strong enough to get out of a toxic situation, and this is a situation most people have faced in one way or another. People always find a situation when they feel it’s all too much and need to take action.

Tough Love is hitting all platforms on September 8. It’s a release not to be missed by fans of pop who are looking for solid music and hope to discover emerging artists with a genuine core to their work, a lot of talent, and beautiful vocals. The lyrics of the track are authentic and relatable, telling a story anyone can connect with. 


Chloe Clouds is sure to become a mainstay in the playlist of any fan of pop with americana and soul stylings. She builds a solid approach to music and is very talented in her writing, performing, and more.

Chloe comes from Stamford, Lincolnshire, a small town in Britain. She began her music career recently, writing her first track in Ibiza alongside the renowned Ryan Koriya, the resident musician at the famous Cafe del Mar. Chloe began pursuing her music after an upheaval in her personal life, which was reflected in tracks like I’ll Carry Me, all about shedding the old and embracing the new. Her music is inspired by the work of artists like Adele and Alicia Keys. 

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