The new single Giant in My Mind by Big Bus Dream is a journey of self-reflection and overcoming hurdles!!


Giant in My Mind is the newest single released by Big Bus Dream, a song that comes as the culmination of 1 and a half years of self-reflection and a long and fulfilling personal journey. Giant in My Mind is an advance preview of the upcoming album under the same name that is due to drop on June 3rd.

Mike Shannon

Big Bus Dream was founded by Mike Shannon in 2006. Previously, this artist founded 4th Ward in 2000, so he brought significant expertise to this new band. Big Bus Dream came as a post-punk, folk, and genre-defying band with albums that topped European music charts and gained attention from MTV. Mike is the songwriter, singer, and producer. The other half of the band is Chick Tsikouras, who plays the guitar and also serves as a songwriter. Tsikouras has worked with Pat Metheny and The Mamas and the Papas.

Big Bus Dream can be hard to classify: alternative rock, indie pop, and more, with music that has been in European and American charts and also part of various soundtracks. Giant in My Mind is an amazing follow-up to previous releases by the band.

The song was released in April 2021 and is meant to serve as a wistful examination of Mike Shannon’s musical journey. Written and recorded during quarantine, the acoustic and psychedelic song takes the listener on the journey of dreaming big and making music, posed against the current lockdown and the real musical achievements. The rockstar dreams that Mike expresses can resonate with anyone, but especially with those wondering and looking back on their lives and their dreams. 

You can find the lyric video for Giant in My Mind here:

The song uses the acoustic guitar as the background, creating a sense of calm and wistfulness, providing an easy listening experience with a lot of emotion. It’s tranquil but not without energy and creates a powerful sense of nostalgia, a memory of times when we were free to dream bigger. The retrospective can resonate with those with music dreams or any kind of dreams who find themselves growing older and now face the difficult task of evaluating their own lives. What have they accomplished? A wistful and soft tune, it is likely to please many different listeners.

The pandemic has given many people time to reflect, but few have managed to turn their journey into a work of art. Giant in My Mind is a deeply personal tale of dreams and music that can speak to anyone who ever wondered what it would be like to become a true star. With soft and deep vocals, a gentle guitar, and an eye-catching cover that reminds us of fairy tales and fantasy, the song provides a delightful experience with a serene sense of nostalgia.

You can find Big Bus Dream on Instagram @bigbusdream. Check out the website at You can stay up to date with new releases and keep an eye out for the upcoming album.



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