Tarah Who? brings awareness about sexual harassment and abuse through the latest single Bad Time.

Tarah Who?

Is it a Bad Time to speak the truth, make a bold confession, reveal a trauma? This is the question punk-grunge band Tarah Who? asks in their new release, appropriately titled Bad Time.

The new release is a song that reflects the experiences of the lead singer, front-woman, and one-half of the power duo Tarah Carpenter. Tarah has unfortunately experienced sexual harassment in the past and is using the opportunity to reflect on the situation and how people respond to those speaking out. Beyond that, it also tries to examine the inner process of fear and worry that goes into making such a decision, for instance, the fear of being branded a liar for waiting or the difficulties assimilating and processing the experience. Bad Time is a song that tackles a difficult subject with the boldness and authenticity that has always characterized this group.

Tarah Who? is a two-person band with front-woman Tarah Carpenter and drummer and backup vocalist Coralie Hervé. The band is known for its boldness, lack of fear, authenticity, and commitment to high-quality music. Drawing inspiration from Alannis Morissette, the Foo Fighters, and other icons of the alternative scene, Tarah Who? has been making waves and has gained a lot of recognition for its performances and releases from many publications, including GIG Radar, Kill The Music, La Grosse Radio, Loud Stuff, Moshville, Music Connection, Muzak, and The Ring Master, quite a feat for a band that is not signed with a label. The band has been recognized for its tracks, songs, and sheer raw passion. 


Bad Time is not the exception – it has a lot of raw emotion and raw feeling that draws from real lived experience that is likely to resonate with hundreds and thousands of listeners who have faced sexual harassment or other traumatic experiences they could not share right away or still cannot share freely. Despite the difficult topic, the song handles it with care and can be almost therapeutic for those who can relate to Tarah in this situation.

For lead singer Tarah, her experiences have always provided inspiration for music that is raw and helps her process those feelings in a way that makes them relatable to others. The songs have layers of meaning and beautiful sound that allow them to resonate with many audiences, always tackling the topic at hand with boldness and genuine commitment.

You can find Tarah Who? on their website or follow them on Instagram @tarahwho, or other social media. Stay tuned for new releases and, in particular, the music video for Bad Time that is coming on June 25th on the band’s YouTube channel.

Let Tarah Who? surprise you with their honest and powerful music, so check out Bad Time and previous releases as well. There are sure to be more exciting and effective tracks from the duo. 


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