Survival, Rehabilitation, and Chart Topping Hits: The Incredible Story of Rick Whittell


Rick Whittell does not only have amazing music, but he also has an amazing story to share. Currently, his most recent release is the fifth anniversary EP, which celebrates his debut album SIGNS ALONG THE ROAD and re-releases of remastered songs, among Whittell’s most requested ones, as they have not been available for some time. 2022 saw the artist drop THE END IS THE BEGINNING, an exciting collection of tracks. 

Whittell offers exciting music with a variety of styles and high quality. One intriguing fact is that he began his music career relatively late in life, debuting in 2018 with his first album, Signs Along the Road. The artist works with a retro style that is sure to attract fans of classic performers, like ABBA and Toto, more so because Whittell himself has performed alongside members of these notable groups.

Whittell experienced two accidents that almost killed him, once in 2016 and then in 2018. Both times, he experienced brain bleeds, broken hands and nose, lost teeth, and faced multiple injuries. He was in his sixties at the time of both accidents.

The artist had extensive surgeries done, and he was ordered to play the guitar as a way to help his fingers heal and restore his neural pathways. To get motivated, he began writing songs to keep himself in rehab. But soon after, the biggest studio in Sweden came by and gave him a chance to get his music to a wider audience.

By 2023, Whittell has released four albums with 29 chart toppers and has collaborated with musicians like Janne Schaffer, a guitar player for ABBA and Toto, and other amazing bands.


Rick Whittell has English roots but comes from Sweden. He has avoided Spotify but has still managed to top the charts nationally and internationally. His music is sure to please fans of songs from the ’60s and ’70s, with a lot of lyrical style and great messages. The artist draws from his life experience to create powerful and inspiring music that has already found success in different countries around the world.


Whittell has been written about in Swedish papers and has appeared in other media, as his unusual musical journey drew attention and also allowed him to access opportunities on the radio, such as playing his music and getting to interview with famous musicians. His songs total over 2.5 million plays without using Spotify, and the artist boasts followers from over 60 countries, although his journey in his home country is just beginning.

You can find all the information about his artist on his website. You can check out his music on YouTube.