Songs ‘Converged’ and ‘Kangchenjunga’ by the band Frequency Bleu are a must listen for fusion music lovers.


Frequency Bleu is a modern band journeying through the realm of neoclassical dark wave, progressive electronic, and gothic rock. Originating in the Northeastern USA, the independent alternative band composes music that is a fusion of new and old genres and instruments: experimental, techno, retro dance, space, & electronic. Front-man, synth player, and composer Peter J. Wegner started the band as the culmination of years of experimentation with electronic and classical music. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Peter J. Wegner. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi Peter, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about your journey. 

Hi, our journey began in the 1990s with an appreciation for performers such as Tangerine Dream, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, Vangelis, New Order, Gary Numan, and Depeche Mode. For nearly a decade, we simply performed and composed songs for fun without publishing them. It wasn’t until the 2010s that we began putting our music out there. The Frequency Bleu title is a new name for a more than a 20-year exploration of synth and gothic rock. Our goal today is to explore how synth, voice, drums, and classical and world instruments can work together. Today, the way we create music is changing so much, and Frequency Bleu is riding that wave of new music technology! 

Please tell us more about your songs.

Frequency Bleu’s compositions consist of a blend of synth, techno, and classical. When you listen closely, you will hear that every song contains a bit of new and old. Instruments such as electric violins, viola, vocals, Korg Synths, Waldorf Iridium, Haken Continuum, world instruments, and classical guitar make their appearance in Frequency Bleu’s songs.

 A recent example of our psychedelic music is our recent song, ‘Converged.’ The ethereal and haunting song benefits from the beautiful voice of French-Brazilian singer Enlia and a combination of three synthesizers, electric viola, and drums. The psychedelic song tells the story of two lovers whose relationship went wrong as they spiraled together into a life of errors. In the end, they perished in a river together, and for eternity their spirits searched for each other. The music has a slow beat and transitions with distant classical strings and synthesizer pads. 

Frequency-Bleu On a more avant-garde side of our music, we use experimental instruments such as the Haken Continuum. The Haken Continuum is a touch-sensitive continuous playing surface rather than a keyboard. The result is natural sounding earthy tones. A live-recorded song where we use only the Haken Continuum is called KangchenjungaKangchenjunga is inspired by the third tallest mountain on the Earth. The song represents the Himalayan mountain talking to the listener. We tried to imagine what a mountain would sound like if it could speak! Imagine looking up at this giant mountain, and it speaks back to you. 



We love to experiment with sound and believe that music genres and sound creation are not prescriptive. That is why Frequency Bleu will always push the perceived boundaries of musical genres and even blend them! Of course, we have our own tone and style in our musical sounds, and you will often hear certain instruments and synth styles and tones repeated. We like to call that the Frequency Bleu accent.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

People can find us on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. Our Instagram is @frequencybleuband.

Find more at our artist page on Spotify – Frequency Bleu and at our band website

Thank you so much, Peter, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!