Singer A mellow J takes audience on a beautiful journey with his latest album ‘Searching for Inspiration’


Invoking feelings through music, A mellow J takes you on a journey with his music. An instrumentalist and singer based in Portland, Oregon, he was drawn to watching his grandma play the piano. He has spent his life teaching himself to play and record music from home. A mellow J believes in creating for yourself just as much as others. Influenced by bands like Boards of Canada, Ween, and Gorillaz, he mixes Synthwave, Electronic, and rock to create his unique sound. With 81 songs on most streaming platforms, he hopes you can press play and have his music take you on a journey. 

AmellowJ AmellowJ

A mellow J has released six albums this year and has a new LP, Searching for Inspiration, coming on 9/30/2022. In addition, he is currently recording an audiobook which will be coming this holiday season along with more music.

You can listen to his songs on Apple Music and Soundcloud.