Set the mood for a summer party with music artist G.Ghost’s three new singles Flex, Paper Cuts and Wait


G.Ghost is an independent artist on the rise. He is thrilling his fans with the release of three new singles: Flex, Paper Cuts, and Wait. Wait features the talents of artist BabeeDee Hollywood, another musician based in Northwest Arkansas.

G.Ghost is based in Fortsmith, in the state of Arkansas, and comes from Memphis, but his work is gaining national recognition. In addition to working as an independent artist and putting out effective, stylish music, he is also the CEO of G.M.G. Inc and a founding artist of D.V.F. This artist is better known as a rapper with a sharp style, plenty of boldness, and flawless delivery.

Flex is the first release of these three new tracks, a track brimming with hidden energy, with a lot of inner power. The same is also true of Paper Cuts and Wait, but Wait has the advantage of throwing another artist into the mix, which shifts the energy around and offers a fresh, charismatic experience with a track filled to the brim with talent.

What distinguishes G.Ghost is his talent, charisma, and rap delivery. His flow is impressive, and this artist is truly making waves in the indie music scene, thanks to the release of different tracks that showcase his abilities. Each of the recent three, especially Flex and Paper Cuts, provides a great entry point for his music.

These three tracks have been honed and are produced with top-notch quality, a unique voice, and a lot of style, and the collaboration from BabeeDee Hollywood builds up the synergy between the two. 

Who can enjoy the work of G.Ghost? It should be a great choice for fans of rap music who want to discover fresh voices and support indie artists doing something different and going their own way to develop music that is more original. G.Ghost offers a hardcore urban rap experience, with a bold set of lyrics and songs with plenty of meaning to enjoy, without losing a sharp edge that has always characterized his pieces. G.Ghost is growing a bigger fanbase and also creating more experimental pieces. Each track he releases is an experience thanks to the masterful combination of sound, lyrics, delivery, and mixing, producing a top-notch melody that works well on many levels. 

You can find the artist on Instagram @g.m.g_g_ghost. For more personal inquiries or bookings, you can reach him at You can find the artist on Facebook at G Ghost gmg or as Antonio Stepter, to get a glimpse into his personal life. He is also active on TikTok at g.ghostgmg, where you can also get a sample of his songs and see him performing the best bits.

G.Ghost is certain to bring many more releases in the future that are going to take his rap skills to a whole new level, so stay tuned, follow the artist on social media, and enjoy the music that he is releasing.