Savages by Leol is a perfect track with a lot of allure and sensual melody!!


Savages is the sexy and thrilling release from Leol, who brings all his passion to this new single. The track holds nothing back and offers a wild, sensual melody with sultry lyrics to get everyone dancing and swaying like there is no tomorrow.

In many ways, Savages defies taboos and conventions and engages openly with the sensual side of passion. Leol was inspired by a visit to an L.A. Gentlemen’s club and all the seduction that he found within. The track perfectly complements any exotic dance that is meant to show temptation, encouraging everyone to let their savage natures loose. The song teases and lures the listener in, lowering their inhibitions through a sexy beat and equally sexy lyrics.

The track is a great example of a sophisticated singing and rapping combo. The melody is slow and draws the audience in little by little, seductively, which makes it a perfect listen to get in a sexy mood or just to enjoy the sultry sound it offers. But, at the same time, it has a chill beat for relaxing and slowing down, enjoying every minute of the experience. 

Leol is an artist with a distinctive voice and a bold style. He offers an unpredictable experience that blends together different styles. His music stands out for the themes of love approached from all its sides, including parts like seduction, flirting, and seducing as well. His songs are full of sex appeal and encourage the listener to enjoy themselves and turn it up. His previous hit, Type, got a lot of media attention and positive critical reviews. Type and Savages keep climbing through the ranks on streaming platforms. 

Leol is an artist that moves between Chicago and L.A. He does finance deals and creates finely tuned networks with other artists when he is not recording or creating a new song. The rapper and singer is deeply inspired by nature, especially by the changes of the seasons and the characteristic, vibrant colors each of them brings, but mainly the colors of fall. His music is meant to reflect the nature that he is surrounded by, changing when he moves between cities too.

Savages is an excellent release with a lot of allure and smooth sound that is sure to be a perfect listen for anyone looking for a new rap and singing mix and is hoping to add more tracks to their playlists. Leol is a good artist to check out if looking for independent voices who are exploring themes of love and attraction with a playful and seductive style that is likely to help anyone loosen their inhibitions and have some fun to a catchy and chill beat.

You can listen to Savages on Spotify and all the other major music platforms. Connect with Leol on social media and stay tuned for more releases. The artist is sure to rise in the future thanks to the sexy and fun appeal of his songs and the hard work he is putting into each new track. 


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