Roaming Sage’s Authentic Artistry – Real Music from the Soul


We had the pleasure of interviewing the talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Roaming Sage. Roaming Sage shares insights into his latest music album, ‘Echoes of My Love,’ a captivating tale of love and longing. From soulful melodies to heartfelt lyrics, Roaming Sage’s music is a reflection of genuine emotions and experiences. Despite facing hardships and challenges, his passion for music has remained unwavering, leading him to create authentic and soul-stirring compositions.

Join us as we delve into the life and artistry of Roaming Sage, an artist on a quest for true love and dedicated to crafting music straight from the heart.

Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hi, I am a singer/songwriter. I also engineer and produce my own music. I have been writing songs for about 20 years now. I was in a duo, and my bandmate died. I have been in a few other bands, but my best music is my solo stuff. I haven’t had the money to buy the right gear or promote it properly. 

Please tell us more about your latest music album, ‘Echoes of My Love‘?

There is a story to the album. It is a tale as old as time. A man lost his love, so he sits waiting on a desert road, making music, howling at the moon. He awaits love’s return, even if it means waiting his whole life. He knows one day, his soulmate will hear him calling her name and return to him. He caught a train to see her; there was a slow ride, they were victorious, and then they broke up, and he was alone again, death being the only sure thing anymore. Dreams are not always fulfilled, no matter how much you try to reach for them. Some things and people are just passing through. I would also recommend you to please check out the album as well as the song ‘There Was A Road,’ which is part of the album.

Please tell us about the music that you create.

I play multiple instruments, and I write constantly. I wrote soul music, country, rock, blues, and classical. I write all sorts of music. My music is real, heartfelt, and from the soul. Nothing fake or plastic about what I create. I don’t follow trends, and I am never trying to pressure sell any of my music. I do need to get better equipment and new recordings of new and alternate versions of old songs. The recordings I have out are not at all a complete representation of my music or my abilities. I had a rough start, and I did most of those recordings with free or low-cost software. Just wait until you see what is coming next. 


Please tell us about your journey.

I believe in true love, and I still love more than one woman. I love every girl I have ever loved. My love is eternal, and I do not sleep around. I am patiently working and searching for my better half. She exists, and when I meet her, all the pieces will fit. My Instagram is a jigsaw puzzle, and the pieces move and change all the time. It’s also a key to manifestation. It’s usually the last key on the ring which opens the door. I am almost there. 

I joined the military when I was 17, with both of my parents’ signatures. I received a medical disc hat for my back pain a year later. I graduated as a soldier, but I never went to Iraq. I went to prison after getting out because my ex-girlfriend and her friend convinced me to go into her neighbor’s house and take stuff. We also burnt down an old abandoned home, which was Her idea as well. I served five years in prison for this. The girls got no time. They were 17, and I was 18. They gave me a ten-year sentence. I told the truth. I wrote a lot of songs and started novels while in there. I went to college and graduated at the top of my class in Environmental Science. I nearly completed my Bachelor’s degree, but I decided my passion is music and herbal remedies. I am opening a new business in 2024 called Sons Of Columba Teas & Herbal Remedies.


Any message for our readers?

I am passionate about the preservation of our natural habitats and green spaces. Our resources are limited, but we act as if they are infinite. I have a short, no-budget film I made called Baby Blue to go along with a song I wrote of the same name. It’s a message from the aliens, and they want to help us evolve. They want to save the Earth and all life on it. I will be creating a follow-up for this soon. I have another one called Elysian, which lines up with Tool’s Legion Inoculant and Fear Inoculum. This one follows the storyline but throughout the multiverse. Many different alternate realities. The main message here is that the aliens (angels) see we are struggling, and they miss us. They want to help lift us up into a new age of Enlightenment.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

You can listen to the tracks on Amazon Music and SoundCloud.

Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!