Rising Artist ‘Roc Solo’ is bringing refreshing vibes with his new single ‘Forever’


Roc Solo has released his new single Forever, featuring the amazing talents of the rising Northern Virginia star Nova Grizzy. His single Forever is an exciting piece, full of emotion and strong lyrics. 

Roc Solo’s unique vocals can be heard in the chorus and the hook, and he also raps in the second verse. His voice harmonizes with the work of Nova Grizzy perfectly, with a nice contrast between the two. 

The lyrics are powerful, with many clever, touching lines, such as

“I wish that Kobe could have balled Forever…”

which hits listeners hard. The lyrics are not afraid of being raw and real, offering listeners an amazing experience through the vocals, the story it tells, and the many emotional cords it touches in the process. 

Roc Solo is an artist who has thousands of fans and whose music is earning thousands of streams, a number only expected to grow over time.  

Forever follows successful singles, like Set It Off and Play No Fool. His songs have been characterized by a unique approach, clever lyrics, and smooth flow and delivery. His hip-hop skills have grown significantly and continue to develop. 

Roc Solo comes from Norfolk. Currently, the artist is based in Virginia. He has worked with Green Diamond Productions and Fidela Films to produce his music videos in the past. His experience has allowed him to create stunning visuals and take his music to the next level. It remains to be seen whether Forever will also come with a beautiful music video for viewers to enjoy.

As an artist, he is confident and charismatic, and that can be clearly seen through all his music. Forever is no exception, and it also brings in the talents of Nova Grizzy to create a unique experience. 


Here, Roc shows that he can rap, and the lyrics show that he is able to construct strong narratives that can reach listeners. He is willing to be honest and bring his own experiences, but also unafraid to reach high and go for the big ideas. His music is certain to interest fans of indie rap who want to discover new, emerging rappers, and Roc Solo is certain to get his name sounding more and more. He is already popular with thousands of listeners and Forever is a great place to start and learn why he is on the rise, and why he is becoming popular. His rap skills are definitely worth a listen.


Forever is sure to point to many more successes in the future and also different collaborations from Roc Solo. This is an artist who will not stop until he becomes the best, and he has the confidence, hard work, and talent to back this up. You can also find him on music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

You can find Roc Solo on social media. Make sure to follow him on Instagram @rocsolo, as many new projects will be coming out. Check out also the social media for Nova Grizzy and you will find a lot more to enjoy from this Virginian star.