Revive your Soul with Critically Acclaimed Artist Mimi Novic’s latest album, Beyond the Horizons!


Are you tired of the blaring, aggressive tunes these days? 

If you are longing for some soulful music, Beyond the Horizons is definitely the album for you. 

The album is more than just mere music. It is therapy, more like a meditation session. There is a total of eleven songs in this album, each a burst of restorative energy for your drained soul. Mimi Novic has such a soothing voice; it caresses the most wounded part of your soul and gives you hope in the face of struggles. The soft piano notes are like water cascading from a waterfall. Immensely relaxing, we must admit. It makes you feel more connected to your emotions. And Mimi has ensured to create the perfect rhythm for maximum impact. There are highs and lows in the songs. Her voice turns to a whisper, and then she raises it up again. It doesn’t just inspire you; it restores you. It gives you a much-needed burst of positive energy. And if you listen closely, you can actually feel the surge of positivity course through you. 





If we have to describe this album in two words, it would certainly be hopeful and magical. That’s how powerful it is. But the impact shouldn’t be so surprising that Mimi Novic is a bestselling inspirational author. Her words have helped many people across the world. And that’s why her books are ranked among the best when it comes to motivation, spirituality, and inspiration. And it is safe to say that she has demonstrated the same energy when it comes to this album. Beyond the Horizons is a befitting album for these stressful times. Everyone is anxious about the pandemic. Depression and anxiety are at an all-time high, people have lost their loved ones, and others have found themselves jobless. It is natural to feel hopeless when life becomes so utterly unpredictable. Amid these times, this album is a godsend. 

Mimi Novic

It gives you the spark of inspiration and motivation that you need in these difficult times. Mimi’s voice is like an angel’s whisper telling you everything is going to be alright. Urging you to have faith. And as funny as it may sound, you do start to believe that after a while. You will notice the change in your mindset after you have listened to this album. Your mind will subconsciously start to radiate positivity. 

So, the next time you are drained by your job, kids, or anything else, listen to this album. As we have mentioned before, it is not merely music; the meditative tracks are actually a form of self-care because you are taking care of your mental health. 

Beyond the Horizons is now available on all major streaming platforms. This includes Spotify, Amazon Music as well as Apple Music. So, do listen to this amazing album!  

You can also check out Mimi Novic’s websiteInstagram, Facebook, and Youtube channel.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Mimi Novic a while back. You can check out her interview here.



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