Popular Music Artist EL Capitan V-Man has fused multiple genres with incredible finesse in his latest album ‘King of the Tropics’


King of the Tropics is a collection of 20 tracks from EL Capitan V-Man. Like his other work, it is an album full of magic and beauty through tropical songs that bring listeners joy and fun. 

EL Capitan V-Man has had a long journey in music. He first became passionate about it as a child and then, as a teen, began collecting it in every way available to him, migrating from a discman to an iPod, bought with his own money. He was among the earliest adopters of this iconic device. After loving music as a listener for so long, he then discovered how to make it himself and never stopped. V-Man was influenced by the classic ’90s mix of genres, such as dance, urban, and pop. His first compositions were created with Fruityloops. Around the same time, the artist not only started making his first compositions but also quit school to pursue something more creative rather than academic.

This decision proved insightful, as the musician was able also to become an entrepreneur, working both aspects of his talents to leave a positive mark on the world. Even as he built several companies and achieved a lot of success, he never let go of the passion he had for music. As an adult, V-Man returned to this lifelong dream and began hosting NYE parties, which all sold out. Then, he discovered that he was happiest when making music and bringing people positive emotions. Through the next fifteen years, the artist would work tirelessly until he managed to make a dream come true and released his first album, Gentleman of the Jungle, in 2022. 

Gentleman of the Jungle combines his passion for business and for tropical house music. To commemorate the birth of his son, Jay, EL Capitan V-Man is now releasing his second album titled King of the Tropics. This is an effective combination of different genres, such as tropical house, jungle, dance, saxo, funky, and hard house, and the culmination of sixteen years of experience, which shines through in every beat. 

Each of the tracks is a true experience for fans of tropical, made with a lot of love for the genre and a lot of care and attention to detail. These tropical tunes can fit every moment, lounging or partying, and are full of magic. 

EL Capitan V-Man’s motto is Let’s get the feel good, better, best and let it never rest! Let’s make people happy. And this is true to the spirit of the album, which is full of positive emotions and gorgeous music. If EL Capitan V-Man’s first album reached a million streams, this one is sure to do even better with its funky tropical music, happy style, and a lot of good vibes to share.

You can also learn more about the artist on his website and on Instagram @elcapitanvman. This is the perfect album for someone in search of a fun and happy album with a tropical style that is sure to have them humming along.