Noah Derosier and Bloody Moon Inc: The Visionary Approach of Embracing Every Artist’s Potential


Among the many entertainment companies operating today, 
BLOODY MOON INC Entertainment™️ is managing to develop a name for itself and stand out thanks to its focus not just on the business side of things but also on the purpose behind the work they do. In particular, the company is centered on supporting artists who face mental health challenges, disabilities, and more to develop their potential. Believing in the creative possibilities of each individual is the central value behind the philosophy of Bloody Moon Inc, and their mission is to help all artists share their unique talents and vision with the world. In pursuit of this dream, the company has introduced the independent music label Bloody Moon Records. Together, these two parts of the brand stand not just as a symbol of success but also of resilience and hope in pursuing one’s dreams no matter what. 

Values like resilience, hope, and inclusion define the brand and are not just words on a statement. They are a part of the daily work to help each artist shine. In addition to the musical aspects, the company produces videos, animations, and many other types of content depending on the needs of each specific artist.

One shining example of the company’s dedication and specific type of work can be found in the case of Soul Chan.

Soul Chan is just seventeen, and, at this young age, they are becoming an amazing young presence in the field of music and also voice acting. Their work is multifaceted, versatile, and highly engaging, coming in with a surprising force for such a young performer. Their work in the competitive field of voice acting has allowed them to tell different stories that transport the audience to a new world, as the voice of this young artist can add dimensions to any narrative. Currently, Soul Chan is working on an exciting series where each episode adds to a thrilling tale that is immersive and memorable.

Soul Chan

In addition to this work, Soul Chan is truly becoming an aspirational figure for many young artists worldwide thanks to the dedication to their craft and their undeniable talent.

Soul Chan makes magical, soulful covers of classic tunes and new compositions that feel fresh and engaging. Their voice and their capacity to deliver emotional performances can be felt to one’s core in each track they create. The same passion and charm the artist brings to his voice acting, as each character they create is engaging, unique, and fascinating.

Listeners can check out one of Soul Chan’s best performances with this amazing song:

The music from this performer is sure to captivate anyone, and audiences eagerly await the new releases as they develop musically and their voice becomes more striking.

This is one of the many artists who are working with Bloody Moon, and each has their own amazing talents and creative potential, growing every day. The company that takes such a strikingly different and powerful approach was the brainchild of the founder and owner, Noah Derosier.


Noah Derosier believes in overcoming any and all obstacles through resilience and persistence. In his own story, he has found that any mental and physical challenges can be overcome for the person to fulfill their potential. The human spirit is indomitable, and his beloved creation, Bloody Moon Inc, is a testament to that through the practice of inclusivity and diversity for small artists and those who are differently-abled and might face additional barriers on the road to success. Derosier is dedicated to empowering people, helping everyone overcome their obstacles, and expanding the musical influence of the company beyond the borders of the United States, leaving a lasting impact. The company reflects this deep dedication and unwavering passion grounded in this vision of reality, growth, and potential.

Bloody Moon Inc is truly a unique company in the entertainment industry that is dedicated to potentializing its artists and paving the way for those who might not fit in the traditional mold of performers, as anyone can become a star with a lot to offer the world. This entertainment company takes its mission to the next level by impacting the world on a global level, starting at the individual and escalating to the communal. It invests everything into potentializing and empowering artists with different obstacles in their path, helping transform these into what makes these artists stronger and more powerful. 

Often, the entertainment industry is focused on making people fit a certain mold. It transforms the unique individuals who enter into similarly shaped performers who discard their personalities, what differentiates them. But this is the opposite of what Derosier’s company is doing. Here, what matters is what the artist can offer and their true selves. 

Currently, Bloody Moon Inc is working across different platforms to tell powerful stories. With dozens of collaborators, listeners and viewers can find animated videos, music videos, music releases, and beyond. Each bit of content showcases the talents of the artists behind them. Now, with the introduction of Bloody Moon Records, the company is going to take its artists to new heights, empowering them to pursue the right path to success through unwavering commitment and the right support. In particular, Bloody Moon often encourages artists who are traditionally seen as “not marketable” or facing certain difficulties to pursue their dreams as well and step away from any obstacles in their way. It’s a company that is doing worthwhile work with a solid and unique vision and mission that can empower different artists to do their absolute best. This approach has brought some amazing talents into the limelight and is sure to bring even more.

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