Musician Albert Kenneth Carrozza’s latest release ‘Promise We Will Soar’ showcases the highest expression of genuine intimacy


Albert Kenneth Carrozza is the lead singer on his album Universal Enzyme. Although he originally called his music self “Universal Enzyme,” a pseudonym, he connected with his original umbrella company of the same name, as well as his “Higher Guidance” advising name for It stemmed from his first published book entitled, “Universal Enzyme,” about his struggles through undergraduate life after being medically labeled; he was the first to undo expected negative outcomes.

The author’s other books mostly delved into mental, physical, and spiritual health, as well as social solutions to longstanding hot-item politik. He was also of the early internet pioneers creating business methodologies and an original real influence(r) on the internet. His music lyrics and themes are precipice sociological in nature, and their emphasis on the challenges present to achieving personal unity and stratified love. 

Mostly a journeyman, his greatest professional successes were often in journalism. During the period the World Trade Center was attacked, he was one of the top read headliners writing for the high-circulation and geographically relevant New York newspaper Newsday. Combining muckrake internet editorials with other classic style hard news reporting, his writing in business, entertainment, politics, and secular religion had him ranked as high as number two in most influential journalist internationally by

As a music artist, he involves himself heavily in all phases of his creations, and his acumen obtained from experience in marketing, advertising, graphic designing, etc., is helpful after his producing and releasing of his material in spotting real companies worth and even necessary to investing in to reach the bottom-line initiatives. His personal life struggles appear to motivate him to a place of independence, stability, and only when perhaps an unfettered altruism.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Albert Kenneth Carrozza. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi Albert, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hi, I am a music artist, and although all of the songs are technically already available off my Universal Enzyme album, my plan is to put promotional emphasis on my first modern release and then one-by-one swiftly transition to bringing awareness to my other songs and see what resonates best to music listeners, to climb music billboards and make placement on the world charts. I envision my songs as they vie for top weekly placements in top-ten territories and for a song to reach the place of number one.

Please tell us about your song, Promise We Will Soar.

The first of my new releases has my created music video now available. The song is my most meaningful, and it is entitled: ‘Promise We Will Soar.’

To me, this song, ‘Promise We Will Soar’ is the highest expression of genuine intimacy, real individual-to-individual commitment to partnership and love. When I recorded the first version, in fact, my first created and recorded song on ‘Universal Enzyme,’ I approached the system microphone in the music studio that afternoon –on Steinway Street in New York City– my heart was feeling for the woman I would come to love those graduate school days.

Singing the first time professionally for recording, I had to take a ten-minute spell after the middle chorus to water my palette and throat because I temporarily lost my voice. When I returned to the mic, my singing voice had also returned and produced an almost superhuman lyrical conclusion. The video of ‘Promise We Will Soar’ is a beautiful depiction of couples in love.

I write all my songs, lyrics, and music, and of course, I sing. My professional background involves communications. I create all my videos. Mostly I basically gain the rights to lots of film footage, splice, and work the magic of technology. Also, I produce my albums, get them published, such as with CD Baby and follow the breadcrumbs (euphemism for research) to where they lead for music distribution, inevitable collection of royalties, and most importantly, my artist page on Spotify and my channels on YouTube Music, other social media, and my promotional investments which feel I have found my bedrock is Musicvertising.

Please share with our readers more about your journey.

I have always loved music. I grew up having lots of friends in bands through high school, and many pursued and established legitimate careers. Sometimes friends would let me mess around on their drums, and eventually, I learned how to play better and improve through the years. Same with the bass guitar and other instruments too. I myself had a guitar at age thirteen, a B.C. Rich, and through the years, I learned songs from unlikely sources as well as the methodology through some guitar lessons from experts.

I liked the guitar, yet deep down inside; I always wanted to be a lead vocalist. It remained mostly dormant, this desire to perform and to sing, but through some tumultuous years of incredible growth and a revisit of focus in faith, I found the rocks to do things to preference.

I recall Saturday morning classes at Catholicism school, which I attend once a weekend up to communion, through penance, and finally confirmation and a graduation ceremony in fifth grade.

In one of the classes, the instructor handed out a sheet of paper and some crayons and asked the students in the class to get quiet inside and draw our most desired experience in life, no matter how impossible.

Ten years old, I finished my drawing; it was of me standing on a stage with a microphone in hand, delivering speeches. Yet music notes floated around me, emanating from my voice. At some point, I realized my dream was to be an orator who educated, motivated, and encouraged others and, if fortunate, a vocalist too. The story is not really a big deal. But at that age, I had no cognizance or dreams of doing any of that stuff or thoughts or motivations of very much at all. What I love is that God was backing my dreams (succeed or other) before I knew them as such. And it is important to me that my music and words are an asset to the world. You don’t have to sing religious music necessarily to be an example of light and love and representative of your highest principles and as you perceive them. I love secular music, and that does not make me a sinner anymore, than hearing religious music will make someone a believer.

Any message for our readers? 

I suppose my message to readers here would be to listen to my songs and purchase future merchandise. And in your personal pursuits in life, continue them each day. Regardless of the outcome during any particular season, despite praise or rejection, if you love something and feel it honors your beliefs, then prioritize it! 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

You can follow me on Instagram @alcarrozza.


Thank you so much, Albert, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!