Music Artists duo Dirty Frenchies’s release ‘Never Let Me Go’ is setting the best standards of modern day EDM


The duo Dirty Frenchies are bringing their new song, Never Let Me Go. This is the first sample of the upcoming album Phoenix, which is shaping to be a milestone for the band and likely will also lead to a lot more fans of EDM music. 

Dirty Frenchies is composed by Julien Noma and Slud Hefner, two DJs and producers from France who have been working together since 2012. Their music is characterized by a versatile blend of genres, including dance, progressive, house electro, dutch house, and future rave. They offer the perfect combination of sounds and beats for dancers and clubbers, combining complex technical execution with harmony. Well-known for their trademark “WE ARE NOT HERE TO PLAY THE MANDOLIN,” this is a duo with energetic dance music and powerful sets.

This pair has shown off their music on dance floors all across Romania, Turkey, Sardegna, and Belgium. Between 2013 and 2014, they had a residence at the Queen Club Paris. Now, their home base is somewhere between Dubai and Barcelona. 

Their music is explosive and full of passion and energy, but it also shows careful planning and a meticulous approach to the craft. In addition, their music is always a love letter to EDM and other genres, offering a novel experience rooted in the best things that EDM has to offer. 

Phoenix, as evidenced by this first released track, is going to be a beautiful and vibrant journey across the band’s history. The first track, Never Let Me Go, represents their love for EDM, which has been a part of their music since the beginning of this duo. The song is touching and gorgeous, bringing out the raw power of EDM, and is sure to find a lot of listeners among fans of the genre and those looking to find new names to include in their playlists. Dirty Frenchies offer a distinctive style and a commitment to let listeners have fun and dance to great music.

The upcoming Phoenix and the current release, Never Let Me Go, are amazing musical experiences that can thrill fans of dance music looking for a good time and also for an experience that is sure to leave them satisfied. Dirty Frenchies have shown their talents in clubs all across Europe, and now they are bringing their work for everyone to enjoy. Fans of clubbing and dancing are sure to have a great time with their pieces.

Music for Dirty Frenchies is a way of sharing emotions and building a community. They are very connected to their audiences, and their music is sure to reach listeners on a deep emotional level. If you want more and are looking for a vibrant community that adores EDM, you can join by using two hashtags on social media: #dirtyfamily” and #BRBD (Be Ready Be Dirty), one of the key phrases that distinguish Dirty Frenchies and has become another trademark.

You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms as dirtyfrenchies.