Music Artist Tugen grips the audience with his upbeat releases ‘Moonlight’, ‘Find Your Love’ and ‘Waiting for the Sun’


Tugen is an up-and-coming artist who has several releases under his belt. 2023 has seen three releases from him already. Two of these were beautiful collaborations with other very talented artists. He released Moonlight, working together with the duo Blackout and specifically showcasing the beautiful, gentle vocals from lead singer Julia Ortiz. The second collab he released was the melodic Find Your Love, a perfect song to dance to and hum along to, featuring vocals from the singer Snow. Waiting for the Sun is the recent solo production, which finally shows listeners what Tugen can do. This track was written, produced, and composed by the artist, and he also sings for it, showing off his charming vocals.

The artist excels at making House and other electronic music with a combination of upbeat and meaningful. His lyrics are often relatable and tell stories that listeners are certain to enjoy. Tugen finds a specific feeling, a sensation he wants to convey, and builds the sound around that sensation.

The 2023 releases offer a perfect glimpse into the versatile style of this artist. Moonlight is sweet and melodic, Find Your Love is the perfect dancefloor option while Waiting for the Sun is a charming track, brimming with the artist’s unique style.

Tugen is an artistic project from Gustavo Tugendhat, born in São Paulo. The musician has been involved with music since his childhood and eventually grew to become a producer, a DJ, and a singer/songwriter himself. A central theme in his work is the duality of feelings, moments, and sensations. This can be seen in the logo the artist uses for a project, a face with opposing expressions that can evoke two opposite, distinct feelings. While some of his tracks can fit within a specific genre, Tugen decided a long time ago that he would not limit himself to anything and that he would allow his music to be free. 2023 brings the next set of releases born from a deeply immersive studio experience, full of emotions and showing a lot of polish. Tugen is a new project but also comes from an artist with plenty of experience and a deep passion for the craft. Tugen’s music is likely to offer a perfect experience for fans of indie musicians who want to step beyond the conventional and discover artists who do not limit themselves to a single genre. The music is emotional, raw, and free.

Discover all his music on Spotify, where you can stream the most recent collabs, solo releases, and past work. You can also stream his tracks on SoundCloud. Make sure to follow Tugen on all his social media to get the best and latest news on this exciting musical project that can evoke complex emotions, tell nuanced stories, and offer versatile music styles that take elements from different genres and mix them up to create something unique.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Tugen. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi Tugen, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about your journey.

Hi, I always knew I wanted to make music, and that’s why at the age of 20, I decided to quit two colleges (Architecture and Marketing) to start a career as a DJ and Producer. 

Since I was a little boy, I’ve listened to several different musical styles, and that’s why my productions don’t have a defined genre but a ”mood” that I was in at that moment of production, and that’s precisely the concept of my project, that songs are a reflection of our emotions. Sometimes we’re happy, and sometimes we’re sad, and that’s life. 

My songs are very melodic and immersive and work great on the dance floor, in the car, at home, or anywhere you want to enjoy good sound. Each song brings a sensation and tells a different story that certainly makes people identify with them.


Please tell us about your music projects.

I released my first track in 2022, and in 2023 I already have three releases and two collabs. ”Moonlight” with the duo Blackout, which is a very melodic song with a sweet and striking vocal from the singer Julia Ortiz, ”Find Your Love” is a very danceable song with the vocal of the singer Snow, which has a characteristic of House Music that will make you dance non-stop, and finally ”Waiting For The Sun” which I produced, composed and sang myself. 

For this year, several releases, collabs, and gigs are already planned. Stay tuned! 

Any message for our readers?  

I believe you should always go after what you want and never give up because, with hard work, anything is possible. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

You can follow me on Instagram @itstugen.


Thank you so much, Tugen, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!