Music Artist John Hur offers a hefty dose of romance with his latest single ‘Candlelight’


Candlelight is a charming ballad that tells the story of a girl who adores candles. It’s a sweet, soulful, and inspiring narrative wrapped in top-quality sound and composition. The inspiration for the song comes from a girl whose life story, soul, and beauty truly fascinated and entranced the artist. The music John Hur creates can be easily described through different lenses. It often feels like acoustic music, with a solid melody and a performance that captures the listeners’ attention from the get-go.

John Hur is an artist who grew up in Palm Springs and has nurtured a life-long passion for music. His dream, since he can remember, has been to play at Coachella, this renowned and popular music festival attended for people all over the world.

When John was a middle schooler, he first learned to play the guitar. His mom taught him, and since this point in his life, he has never stopped playing, composing, and making music. He has often been made to feel as an outsider, someone who didn’t quite belong or fit in. When he was growing up, Hur was the only Korean kid in his class and beyond, so music became an escape and a source of solace. His music was a place to feel safe and also a way for the artist to express himself, connect with others, and share his emotions. This is still a driving force behind John Hur’s music and can be felt in each of the tracks.

Candlelight is a delightful track that is sure to connect with listeners on a deep emotional level. It tells a story that means a lot to the artist and, so, it also connects with the audience, inspiring different emotions. Through a tender acoustic melody and beautiful lyrics, the song gets the listener in a reflective mood. Beyond this, it’s a charming tribute to a charming person, a story of a girl who has been immortalized through music with a track that is sure to stick around the listeners’ heads.


John Hur’s music offers a genuine experience full of emotion and charm. It is certain to engage fans of softer music, with a gentler side, but with a meaning that is also there, of songs that have layers. It inspires genuine emotion and weaves a soft sensory experience that keeps listeners engaged from beginning to end. Candlelight is sweet and a bit melancholy. 

Discover the wonderful music of John Hur, who is making inspiring, romantic, and delightful tracks. You can follow the artist on Instagram @johnhurmusic. Make sure to stay tuned for new releases from John Hur, who frequently shares songs and performances, often on the acoustic guitar, and is making music with plenty of heart and plenty of soul behind it. John Hur’s passion for music and unique talent shines through in all his releases, and fans of acoustic sound are sure to find a lot to enjoy in every one of the songs in his current catalog.