Multifaceted Music Artist PEP aka Prezidor Ezemweghian Porbeni is winning the hearts again with his latest single ‘Buss It’


Buss It is an exciting recent release from PEP, a track that offers a fun experience for listeners and solidifies this rapper’s return to music. It follows several recent songs put out in November and January and shows a lot of promise for future releases. Buss It, as well as the recent track On a Wave, have reached thousands of listeners and gotten plenty of positive feedback.

PEP is an artist, musician, songwriter, and rapper who plays three instruments and sings. His music reflects a versatile approach by blending in different instruments and styles. PEP also plays piano, drums, and the guitar, which gives him a deep understanding of sound that shows through his music. PEP was born in Nigeria but raised in and currently residing in the Bronx, New York, a hub of creativity and culture. 

Buss It is a single that dropped on the 23rd of January and has built a lot of hype before and after the release. The song was recorded last year but only saw the light of day in 2023 to ensure the best quality and just the right production process. This is very fitting, as the track is about hustling and doing your best to make it in life.

Buss It is a fun exploration of hustle culture, how you got to grind and work hard to get big, but also about all the things you get to do once you have reached this goal. Once you get there, you’re going to buss that money. The song is a celebration of work and its rewards, as well as the idea of a lavish lifestyle. 


PEP is an artist who has faced significant adversity in his life, including incarceration, and today is hoping to share positive energy and happiness through his creativity with listeners all around the world. Even his artistic name is not only an acronym for his full name Prezidor Ezemweghian Porbeni, it is also a statement of positivity and good vibes. All the hardships he has faced today feed his music to make it deeper, more relatable, and more engaging for the audience. Besides his own experiences, PEP draws inspiration from the great rappers, such as Drake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Big Sean. 


Buss It is likely to thrill rap fans, especially those who want an anthem of hustle culture and the lavish lifestyle at the end of that road. It offers a fun and positive energy song that offers a cool beat and great delivery.


Make sure to follow PEP and discover all the amazing releases he has coming in 2023, as he is promising a lot of music coming this year. If you are left wanting more and wanting more now, you can find his other fresh release, On a Wave here. Make sure to stay tuned for upcoming work from this artist, as he is rising to the top, thanks to his hard work and dedication.