Listen to the spiritual single ‘The Prayer Song’ released by Music Artist Bobby Joseph Noe, known as Pastor B 27


The Prayer Song is the new release from Pastor B 27, an up-and-coming artist who is deeply dedicated to God, something that provides the foundation for all his music and projects. The track is sure to please listeners who are looking for spiritually meaningful music, worship music, and songs that authentically celebrate God.

Bobby Joseph Noe, better known as Pastor B 27, is not just an artist but also is a pastor, a mentor, and a motivational speaker, whose work is closely tied to his faith. He founded Fearless Servant Ministries and does a lot of work to promote his faith and bring it to others.


Pastor B 27 is an independent artist residing in California, where he was born and raised. The key ideal that guides all his work is that to love God is to obey God, and his call to make music alongside his ministry was inspired by God. This explains why the artist began this type of work at 46, as he felt called to it, as a duty in serving God as a pastor and to expand his ministry. 

Pastor B 27 has already released over six tracks and is planning to do a lot more, and his faith and belief in what he is doing shine through in all his music, giving it a unique sense of conviction. While many were surprised by this direction in his ministry, the artist himself has said that it makes perfect sense, as for him, it was God’s plan, which he has to follow with love and obedience. He likens it to the story of Noah building the ark. While many questioned why somebody would do something like that, Noah kept building. And in the end, it did start to rain.

For Pastor B 27, his music is part of the Lord’s plan, and he will continue making music as he feels inspired to because he believes that they are associated with a higher calling and a higher purpose, even if it is not immediately obvious. 

The Prayer Song is his newest release, and like his other pieces, it celebrates the Lord. The track is sure to bring in Christian listeners but also has enough harmony and beauty to please those who are more secular. The track is a great introduction to the work of Pastor B 27, who continues to improve quickly as a musician and brings his significant life experience, charisma as a pastor, and more to his songs. 


We asked Pastor B 27 about his inspiration behind making the music, and he replied: 

“If you understand someone giving their life to GOD and saying ‘here is my life LORD, do what you want with it’ then you will understand why I am making music at this point in my life. If you don’t understand this, then you will join in the MANY others that criticize every song I’ve pitched with, ‘just a word of advice, go back to the drawing board.’ It is not about whether I have the talent, the equipment, the resources, or the financing to keep up with other Christian artists. It’s simply about a guy who was as good as dead 17 years ago that promised GOD he would love (obey) Him with all of his heart. That is what you will find with every note, every release, every single, if you have wisdom and understanding. I am just a guy making music ‘because GOD told me to.”

The Prayer Song is also available on Apple Music. If you want to learn more about the musician and support his work through his store, you can find this on his official website. Make sure to follow the pastor on social media on Instagram @pastor_b27.