Kenton Place’s single Haley’s Comet explores the subject of denial with thrilling rock riffs & moving lyrics


Haley’s Comet is a 2021 track from Kenton Place, the successful Houston, Texas band that offers an in-depth look at grief and denial. The song is characterized by an authentic and distinctive style, a beautiful melody, and a genuine exploration of what it means to be in denial.

Haley’s Comet has a unique history for Kenton Place. This was one of the first songs they wrote, recorded, and wrote together, and now they are bringing it out to the public and showing the world their authentic selves.

The single is certainly a big success with thousands of streams. In addition, it has gotten played on international radio dozens of times. It was also featured on the band’s latest EP, Terminal.


What is the signature of Haley’s Comet? First, it offers rock riffs that get the listeners invested, which is a feature of Kenton Place’s music. The song is deeply emotional and memorable thanks to its willingness to engage with a difficult topic and do so thoughtfully and creatively. Third, Haley’s Comet has a beautiful rock sound that is memorable and strong, with a powerful melody and lyrics that hit hard.


Kenton Place is a band dripping with authenticity, emotion, and talent. It is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Logan Smalley (Smalls), drummer Noe Hernandez (Fez), lead guitarist Roque Techera (Rock, the hero), and bass guitarist Curtis Bird (Mr. Bird). One interesting thing about Kenton Place is that the band members are childhood friends, with the band name paying tribute to a special place from their childhood. As a result, their roots are always present in their music and add a special nostalgic touch to their songs.

Kenton Place members describe Haley’s Comet as their most important song. First, they wrote and played it together. When they did, they felt that they had found their true sound, which shone through each melody note. Through time, it was part of the band’s most dramatic and emotional moments.

For new listeners, Haley’s Comet is an excellent introduction to Kenton Place. Fans of hard rock can find influences that resonate and music that is wholly original but can remind them of some of their old favorites.

You can find Haley’s Comet streaming on Spotify and other major music platforms. Follow Kenton Place on Instagram @kentonplace and other social media to be the first to learn about their new projects.