Joseph Pagano Band delights fans with the intoxicating indie-rock song, Damned.


Joseph Pagano, a notable indie-rock artist from NJ, offers his newest release, Damned, now streaming on all major platforms across the web. This song follows his 2020 ‘Take Me,’ offering a unique, genuine, and meaningful experience that is sure to thrill those looking for something deep and engaging.

Written and recorded in the midst of the pandemic, Damned offers spot-on lyrics that are sure to resonate with audiences. It builds up a strong engagement through lyrics like “I was looking for something I wanted to be, I was looking for someone just like me,” which intertwine with the beautiful and creative hooks and riffs. From the intro to the chorus, listeners are sure to be singing along to “I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t, damned if I will, damned if I won’t.”


Pagano has received critical acclaim for his previous works, and Damned is sure to follow past releases’ success. Like the singles Take Me and More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell) and EPs Graveyard of Dreams and Time and Colors, Damned is poised to become an indie darling with critics and audiences alike. Pagano himself has been named #1 featured artist on WOA Records Independent #1’s Volume 8. In addition, his songs have hit top 5 radio play on WGLS-FM NJ USA and top 20 on other markets. Pagano has also toured the US with performances in New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas in pre-pandemic times. Aside from those, he has also attended the Grammy Awards 2020 as a fourth-year voting academy member.


Pagano’s work is a reflection of his authentic nature. He is in charge of the creation process from start to finish. As a musician who plays everything from the guitar and the ukulele to keyboards and the bass, he is uniquely positioned to create beautiful melodies that make the best use of each tool and reflect his creative truth. He also arranges, mixes, produces, records, and masters his tracks in his New Jersey studio. We will surely see him continue to grow his expertise with every new thing he releases.

You can stream Damned on Spotify and everywhere else. Check out Pagano’s website and his Instagram @josephpaganoband for more information on his new releases, upcoming projects, and live shows.