International Music Producer Arturo G. Alvarez is all set to release his cover album


The awarded record producer Arturo G. Alvarez who is also a Grammy member, was in Miami a couple of weeks ago on several meetings with his associates from Europe to develop an international production and management business where very talented artists will exchange culture and music to create international music recordings combining composers, singers, arrangers, and producers from both continents. 

He will be in charge of the project in tandem with a Eurovision Song Contest finalist singer that he wants to keep as a surprise and will reveal more details in April. 

At the end of June, he was a very important guest at the Skale music festival in Herceg Novi, Montenegro, where the best artists from the Balkans exposed their new songs and were televised in all those regions, and Arturo gave his point of view about the festival and the singers on live TV press conferences according to his ample experience in the show business.

These past two years, Arturo has also been working on mastering tracks for big artists and producers as a sound engineer, including the top awarded DJ Paul Oakenfold production of 17 songs (vocalist Suzie del Vecchio universal music), Joey Lawrence (famous TV actor and singer), Latin Grammy winner Alexander Acha (19 songs “las italianas”) (and produced by Alexander Acha he mastered the Soundtrack songs for the Latin Successful Film “Infelices Para Siempre “starring Adrian Uribe and Consuelo Duval the repertoire has too Latin artist like Yuri, Francisco Céspedes, María José, Emmanuel, Alexander Acha, Nadia, Kabah, among other performers), Natalia Jimenez and Joss Favela ( Sony music Mi ego “pop version “), among others.

Arturo explains the importance of being a record producer and knowing what to do during the mastering process because it’s more than just compressing or limiting but is really enhancing the sound and making it supreme in dimension and for the audience to get all the frequencies suitable to be enjoyed and for pleasant listening. 

Arturo started mastering since 2003 on his own projects creating new ideas of spectrum and color. He uses analog gear, including reel to reel tape machines, more than 21 vacuum tubes, and high-quality transformers on his own customized equipment, which today has the most reliable sound and quality. 

Arturo G Alvarez also, after releasing his hit single Lord Let Love Survive on Dec 2020 as a singer under his artistic name “Arturo Alvarez “(a live recording broadway style), is now going to release at the beginning of 2023 new 11 songs cover album which includes songs from the 70s and 80s full orchestrated and worked in tandem with Grammy winner producers. 


Arturo was signed by Sony Music in 1999 as an exclusive artist and released his first album, serenata, in the year 2000, which was digitally re-released by Sony in 2012 on streaming platforms. 

Arturo says, “After so many years of being dedicated to music production and artistic management coming back to record as a singer was an amazing experience and my voice now is better than before.” 

Arturo also mentioned that on his Instagram @arturogalvarezofficial, he posted a few months ago, a glance of “wicked game,” but will it be on the album? He smiled and said that it’s a surprise and also mentioned that he has collaborations in duet with a Eurovision Song Contest finalist singer (she’s a surprise ) and more to come.