Indie pop artist leo. is presenting supreme quality of funk and pop fizz in the EP ‘drink my soul’.


‘drink my soul is the debut EP from leo. An emerging artist who is making quite a splash on the indie-pop scene. The new EP has a distinct and original aesthetic and a lot of emotion behind its unique sound.

leo. was first noticed on the streaming scene in 2018 when he began making waves online. He started early. He started his classical musical training when he was five years old and, today, at eighteen, he is a songwriter and an artist who produced his debut single in his bedroom. leo. comes from Portugal and has his sights set high. His trajectory so far suggests he has good reasons to aim high.

After the first single, five more followed, and leo. moved to the UK to keep studying and developing his music, nurturing his talent. His songs draw from personal experience, so each one is authentic and vulnerable and helps him connect with his audience on a deep level. Each song mixes different elements to create an eclectic and unique style. This has been landing very well with audiences. The top song on Spotify, despair, has amassed around 3 million streams, with thousands and thousands of streams for other songs. leo. has about one hundred thousand listeners on Spotify who come back to his music month after month.



‘drink my soul is to be released on June 25, with many fans expecting it eagerly. It will feature five tracks: meandancing in the cornerheartbreaksoul of steam, and two for too long. Each track focuses on different thematic elements to create a versatile listening experience for emotive vocals over a variety of instruments, from the ukulele to the soft piano. The central theme uniting these tracks is relationships – how one relates to themselves, to others, to the world, and more. It’s deeply personal and raw, which can be felt in each song and the delivery that leo. provides for each track without overwhelming the listener.


The lyrics are full of vulnerability and feeling that is likely to resonate with the listeners, and the focus is on being genuine, not on excessive production. Indeed, the EP is done well, but there is an understate production to put the spotlight on the vocals and lyrics, which works very well. The EP leaves a sense of being something personal and universal with soft and harmonious music. It is a series of tracks to be enjoyed and also to think and feel a little too. It closes off with the soft energy of two for too long, leaving the listener with a twinge of wistfulness. 

Find more about leo. at the official website at The album will be available at all streaming services and also as a CD. 

Follow the artist’s Instagram at @leoindreamland to see the new projects coming your way. Discover what has made leo. so popular with the fans and follow the career growth of this emerging new artist. 



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