Immerse Yourself in Spiritual Vibes: Experience Pure Joy with ‘Bhakti Grace’ by John Paris


John Paris is a pianist, accordionist, and composer. He has released two new albums, Bhakti Grace and Acceptance, as well as the recent single Imagine, a hot and amazing track that creates a solid jazz vibe that is sure to thrill fans of the genre. 

Bhakti Grace is a solo piano album that was released in 2023 in summer. It followed the singular album Acceptance, composed and released during the Covid pandemic. Paris is making soothing music with a complex composition and an uplifting tone. Bhakti Grace serves as a way to showcase amazing tracks that are full of positivity, freedom, and soaring expressions of joy. This was an album built on pure inspiration, made over the course of two weeks. This is a track that encapsulates the creator’s mindset and focuses, his inner peace, and his love for New Age and jazz, which get masterfully combined in this album.  John-Paris

John Paris is an award-winning pianist and an accordionist; both instruments have been a part of his life forever. He has worked solo and also as the leader of Atlantis, a show band that has achieved a certain degree of recognition. Paris has also worked as a music teacher and a performer on the Oregon Coast. Throughout the years, the artist has released over 15 albums, debuting in 2004 with Journey of the Soul. Paris grew up in Pennsylvania and worked as a musician throughout his life. He toured America with his band, Atlantis, and performed successfully in Las Vegas for over a decade. For this artist, music has always been something special and important, a way to connect with his spirituality and share positive emotions with others. 

Bhakti Grace combines improvisation and complexity; it draws inspiration from small sources of happiness and grace in daily life, such as listening to the rain that comes after the drought, the experience of sunshine expressed through jazzy music, and more complex ideas, like Contemplation on Bhakti, an 8-minute improvisational track around the meaning of this mystical concept that gives its name to the album. Bhakti is that feeling of love that is life, and the two are the same. 


The album features multiple delightful tracks, such as Busy Signal, which transforms something as mundane as a phone’s notification signal into an art piece. Another Realm is a jazz ballad that is fun, mysterious, and complex. Roaming the Worlds is a more upbeat, happy track. The album explores different elements of life, from the most common experiences to something deep and transcendent, to create an album sure to speak to the listeners directly and help them connect spiritually. John Paris finds music to work as a healer, a mentor, and a teacher, and for him, the path forward of spiritual growth is tied to his music, and this is something he shares with the listeners. 


You can connect with the artist through his website. You can find the newest albums and singles streaming on Apple Music.