He was passionate about music since childhood, Now he is a Record Producer in Los Angeles, Meet SpaceNTime


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing SpaceNTime, aka Varun Sharma, Los Angeles based Record Producer. He is known best for his extensive work with artists on All Money In. The talented producer has reemerged with another major release on the label under his belt, 60th St., by artist Pacman Da Gunman. 

Please tell us something about yourself. 

Thanks for your question, well, when it comes to my story, I am certainly a weird wacko who was born in LA on September 6, 1989. I grew up mostly in LA and in Seattle before I settled back permanently to LA. My interest was in making beats. I had always felt the inspiration to know how others make music from a young age, especially hip hop music. The simple but intricate type of music is what I desire to make. I prefer to be minimalist. 

How did you get into what you do right now? 

I got involved with my present (day 1 homie) recording engineer via myspace way back when I was still in school. We used to hit it off right away while both being a crazy workaholic. Gradually we just hustled together for several years with really no real expectation. It had been all for the passion for the music and god bless, we enjoyed it. It is crazy that how I have reached where I am today right now (which still ain’t S*** lol). It is only due to that persistent mindset of hustling and passionate and spitting it out. 

SpaceNTime-MusicProducer-Pic SpaceNTime-MusicProducer-Pic

Please tell us more about your journey.

It was not at all a smooth road, you know, there were times I would just want to simply escape and just try out something else. But fortunately, it came to a point where I could find myself going back and doing irrespective. The main struggle for me was my family, of course, who kept trying to convince that it ain’t worth it or the type of music you do doesn’t suit since it’s not a symphony lol. I had always been a “nonconformist.” Irrespective, whatever people said, I stayed stubborn, focused on what I desire for.

Based on my experience over time, my philosophy is that you will realize the people who have too many opinions are generally doing the minimum in their own lives. I would have my buddy Syph ask me not to escape and not waste my talent and forbade me not to deviate from my passion. He was truly the only genuine support that I had when it comes to my career.


Tell us more about your work.

I’m basically a music producer and composer. My major work was while I involved producing the beats on ‘All money in’s artist album Pacman Da Gunman. My latest works are ‘No guts no Glory’ and ’60th st’, both of which were released last year.

The unique part of me is the vibe and feel of my brand, i.e., SpaceNTime and the inner tunes of my music, which reflects my true self. I do take pride in writing all my beats from a perspective that’s true to me, and that happens, you know, when you are honest with your inner self. There are a few exceptions, though, as you know, we all have influences. But my tendency to stick to it allowed me to fall into my own sound that just can’t be created by anyone else.


Here is Discography of SpaceNTime:

1. Do it for the hood – Pacman Da Gunman, J Stone, G.I. Joe(2017)

2. Never Gon Change – Pacman Da Gunman, O.T. Genasis (2019)

3. Outside – Pacman Da Gunman, Dom Kennedy (2019)

4. Gotti – Pacman Da Gunman, Mozzy (2019)

5. Racing to the Grave – Pacman Da Gunman, Mozzy (2019)

6. How you feel – Pacman Da Gunman, The Game (2019)

7.Come and Get it – Pacman Da Gunman, YBN Nahmir (2019)

8. Money Power Gold 2 – Pacman Da Gunman(2019)

9. Bac of the Buildings – Pacman Da Gunamn (2019)


How can people connect with you?

You can connect via Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.


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