GiGi Vega is creating waves in the music industry with her latest single ‘4 the Birds’.

4 the birds

‘4 the Birds’ is the fresh release by renowned artist GiGi who now flexes her vocal and lyrical skills to create a powerful ballad. GiGi’s music has gone viral before and now showcases a new side to her talent through a song that focuses on genuine love in difficult times.

GiGi is a Billboard pop artist who gained a lot of popularity thanks to her Christmas song that went viral on TikTok and was featured in a Netflix production. Her next releases involved her working with Grammy-nominated producers. ‘4 the Birds’ is not the exception, as GiGi teams up with producer 1500 or Nothin’ and Hookman, who have both received recognition from these prestigious musical awards and have worked with artists like Jason Derulo and Chris Brown. Previous collaborations have also allowed her to work with top-notch producers and also choreographers to make her music and videos shine.

GiGi is a singer, dancer, and actress. Her previous release Watchu Tryna Do? is currently on the Billboard charts at number 19, and ‘4 the Birds’ is likely to reach it there as well. She showcases her musical and artistic skills, combining music and dance with her dance videos, the first of which was both a lyric and a dance video for her previous single, inspired by Bruno Mars with a sassy vibe that teased viewers and inspired them to dance. 

4 the Birds‘ is very different from the previous release. If Watchu Tryna Do? was a fun and spunky dance and pop song, this new track is a ballad about keeping it real. GiGi was inspired by all the stories about long-term relationships failing during the pandemic because people were forced to be true to themselves – and it turned out that this authenticity had not been part of their relationships before. ‘4 the Birds‘ is about being genuine and finding authentic feelings, not settling for the fake stuff. It’s about living fully and honestly, whoever we are.

GiGi has been born into music and grew up on a theater stage. She has studied it all her life until she decided to take it professionally and relocated to LA to work hard and hustle for success. Accepted into a prestigious conservatory, GiGi showed her commitment to authenticity and instead chose to pursue a professional music career. As a dancer and an actress, GiGi provides a compelling presence, and her music skills have also helped her reach a significant following that continues to grow. Working with professionals from the top tier, she is constantly challenging herself to do better and create new sounds for her followers and listeners.

You can find ‘4 the Birds‘ on SoundCloud, Spotify, and all the main music platforms. GiGi has both a personal Instagram @gigivegaofficial and professional Instagram @gigivegamusic that you can follow to stay tuned for new releases and check out all the work she does. GiGi is a rising star in the world of pop who uses her skills to create unique experiences.



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