‘Gaze’ by Music artist ‘Draw’ aka Ingve Sandvold provides listeners with soft lyrics that are meaningful and poetic.


Draw is bringing out his new release, the introspective and soft Gaze, which is sure to thrill fans of different genres. It is a soulful introspection with powerful lyrics and a vulnerable delivery that will leave listeners hooked. With a lot of raw emotion, this track sets a melancholy mood. Ingve Sandvold once again surprises his followers.

You can find the video for Gaze on YouTube here:

The music video really underscores the power of the song to set a mood, and the artist showcases his skills without losing any presence or power. With minimalistic visuals, the video aligns with the track very effectively. 

Gaze’s first strong point is the mood it sets. Distinctly melancholy, rustic, and gorgeous, it’s an introspective track that keeps the atmosphere just right from the beginning to end. Each element is constructed with care to serve its purpose, and the whole makes up something more special than the sum of its parts. 

The lyrics tell a story that resonates with the audience. The simple delivery is highly effective, and the guitar provides just the right nostalgic backdrop for each element to shine, be it the vocals or the lyrics. 

Ingve Sandvold is an alternative and rock musician. He is known for the care he brings to his craft and music, which reflect his sense and understanding of the world. The focus is on going deeper to delve into and explore human nature. Sandvold has adopted the moniker Draw to unify his work across different platforms. Sandvold has worked with many instrumentalists and musicians and is part of a collective that is always attempting to go deeper and push the boundaries of the art. 

Sandvold’s music is effective and complex in its meaning without becoming overly difficult to listen to. Each track has its own distinct mood. In addition, the lyrics offer insights into the exploration of human nature. 


The track Gaze is certain to please fans of rock and alternative music who want something distinct, unique, and refreshingly genuine. Gaze is simple in the best way, using each element to its advantage to create a memorable track with a strong mood. The melancholy is infectious and sets the listener off on a journey of thoughts and associations, and emotions.

Gaze provides listeners with a gorgeous melody and soft lyrics that are meaningful and poetic. The combination makes it a perfect song to reflect on what one feels and to set the mood for an afternoon of introspection. Ingve Sandvold is an artist with a long trajectory, and this shows in the professional way in which Gaze comes together. It is an exploration of something special, and a great listen for those looking for lyrics with some depth to them. The genuine, vulnerable, soft quality of the track makes it perfect for those who want to just be with the music and step away from overproduced or overly commercial tracks.

You can find Sandvold’s music on Apple Music.