From Now to the Future: The Story Behind Galit Arusi-Fahima’s Latest Single

Galit Arusi-Fahima

Galit Arusi-Fahima is bringing a thrilling new release, From Now to the Future. An Israeli-pop song, this is sure to thrill fans of the genre and fans of Galit, who are looking to create beautiful tracks with exciting sounds and a unique style that distinguishes her from other artists.

Galit Arusi-Fahima has a journey that many are sure to identify with. For many years, she focused on her family and neglected herself and her own dreams. She spent fourteen years teaching math to young people, giving her all to set them up to succeed and fulfill their goals, but eventually, she saw that it was time to fulfill her own as well. Now, Galit takes a bold journey to draw from her innate creativity and chart a new course as a singer and a songwriter.

From Now to the Future is an exciting track that considers how life becomes a race for everyone, but it is also infused with a deeply personal narrative and a set of reflections that clearly mean a lot to the artist. It’s about soul-searching and finding oneself lost among one’s memories, exploring, reviving, remembering, and considering.

From Now to the Future is the third single coming from the upcoming album by Galit. It’s a nice preview of things to come that showcase the singer and songwriter’s unique passion and commitment to this craft. She began her journey singing in various live events and then decided that she would pursue her dreams further and go all in.  

Galit Arusi-Fahima Her music often showcases her gorgeous vocals, and From Now to the Future is no exception. The track features a moving emotional melody and gorgeous lyrics. Galit is branching out into different musical styles while maintaining her Israeli pop style and often signing not in English but in Hebrew. 

The songs that Galit offers are full of life and emotion, so they can resonate even through language barriers. This artist is breaking these barriers and offering high-quality music with beautiful visuals to match, with her amazing voice giving it all an ethereal quality. Her music comes with videos that bring an exciting visual element and complement the story that she is trying to tell.

Galit Arusi-Fahima

Galit’s story and music are an inspiration for many, especially for those who fear that it’s too late to pursue their dreams. Her story shows that you can follow the lyrics and music born within you, even if it’s a new development in your life. Beyond the inspirational elements, she offers a strong Israeli-style pop song with beautiful vocals and a melody to match. It is sure to be enjoyed by fans of pop, in particular, fans looking for new international artists who offer authentic music beyond the mainstream and have a lot of talent.