Florida based Rapper Veeh Lil’Monsterpull is captivating everyone with his club banger ‘Move It Shake It, Shake It Move It’


The new ‘King of Rap’ Veeh Lil’Monsterpull extends his discography with his new hit single ‘Move It Shake It, Shake It Move It’, which has the clubs in a chokehold.

The Florida rapper is back after a hiatus to clear his mind and get accustomed to fame. He says, “2023 is my year and the next 15 after.” With this club banger, we sure can tell that he has been in the lab critiquing his sound, flows, and bars.

He starts the song with a hook that is so catchy that it’ll be stuck in your head for the whole day and the next morning. It’s easy to sing along and remember all while busting a groove if you’re with a crowd or just moseying around the house. “G’s move in silence; let me see you get groovy.” Are you a G? Even if you are, this song will still have you doing a little 1, 2 step.


The “Ion See” rapper gets right to it in his verses with hard-hitting punchlines, metaphors, and wordplay. “Yeah I know I’m still him, Super Man of Steel him, ain’t stopping at the jaws even if I steal him” are one of the more wittier lines that you would have to playback multiple times to catch and understand the triple entendre. The “KFC Song” artist switches through four different flows throughout the song, with one paying homage to the Ying-Yang Twins and their “Whisper Song,” which he says was a childhood favorite.

The “Monyon” rapper says in a behind-the-scenes clip of his internet show “Breakdown Those Barz” that he is here to take the rap for the men back to the heights that they used to be because the women have taken over rap and the men have gotten lazy. He talked about how much work and time he has put into this project. His latest project, “Before I S.T.U.N.T. 2” hit stores in 2018. Even then after he’s still fed the Jitz & Lil’Fockerz (name of his fanbase) with a couple of singles, freestyles, and remixes over these years of not dropping a full body of work. In the “DIM Remix” with the Orlando rapper Hotboii, he raps, “All you rappers wet dope and when I drop this mixtape all you rappers going broke.” When asked about that line, he says, “It’s self-explanatory, and that this project will take me to heights that most artist dream about but will never achieve.”

Veeh Lil’Monsterpull says his style is authentic and unique ‘Move It Shake It, Shake It Move It’ shows exactly that. “I just want everyone to have fun and dance,” says the new King of Rap.

You can follow him on Instagram @vlilmonsterpull.