Join a musical journey with ‘Floodgate Operators’ as the band has released their latest single ‘Pieces on the Floor’


Pieces on the Floor is the newest single from Floodgate Operators. It offers a nuanced and powerful exploration of what happens when a relationship ends and how people can let go and work through their feelings. In addition, the piece offers a unique sound that gives a new take on bluegrass and is sure to thrill fans of indie music everywhere.

Pieces on the Floor follows the success of their previous release, the single New Mexico Winds. Both of these are previews of the upcoming full-length album, the debut album from Floodgate Operators, Flood the World. Flood the World is full of promise, going by these first two releases, and will feature a ten-tracks-long journey of rich soundscapes and beautiful lyrics. 

Floodgate Operators are a band based in Crested Butte, Colorado. They have been working together since 2018, and 2022 has seen a string of new releases with a unique bluegrass indie sound. The band consists of Kevin Doherty, Ryan Maddux, Scott Stewart, Zach Vaughter, and Sebastian Akesson. The instruments involved are string instruments: the twelve-string and the six-string guitar, the banjo, the mandolin, and the bass. All these come together to create a powerful and memorable sound that can draw the listener in and keep them mesmerized.

Pieces on the Floor is a rich and harmonious piece that takes a western style to create a gentle meditation on relationships, remorse, letting go, and moving forward. It is melancholy and beautiful in different ways and is sure to resonate with many listeners who have had similar experiences in their past and present. The track was co-created by Zach Vaughter on the mandolin, and Kevin Doherty, on the twelve-string guitar, and both reflect on the catharsis that it can bring and the journey towards letting go and moving forward. The track boasts a complex composition, a distinctive style, and a gorgeous melody, which is sure to make it a favorite of any fan of bluegrass music. 

Pieces on the Floor is sure to be a hit among bluegrass fans, as well as anyone looking for new western music with an indie twist. In addition, the track will likely resonate strongly with people who are working through the aftermath of a relationship or the choice to end one that they have in the present. Finally, the song is likely also to please fans of alternative music who are hoping to expand their playlists.

You can find Pieces on the Floor streaming on all the main music platforms. You can follow Floodgate Operators on Instagram @floodgateoperators to stay tuned for the upcoming release of Flood the World and other projects. Check out the upcoming live gigs and performances from this singular bluegrass band on their website. The band also has its own YouTube channel. Make sure to stay tuned for more new releases from the Floodgate Operators, who are a promising band that is sure to make a lot more waves on the national music scene with their unique approach to music.