Feel the Power of Redemption in NicholasCapo’s Single ‘Reroute’


NicholasCapo, also known as just Capo, is an emerging musician with a profoundly touching personal story, a strong personal mission, and a lot of new releases coming out soon. Reroute is one of the hit tracks that have been dropped on Spotify and other streaming platforms, including YouTube.

NicholasCapo’s music stands out for its amazing conviction and particular emotional strength. This is not a coincidence, as the artist has had a complicated life story and a conversion to faith that has given him a new sense of purpose and has uncovered a deep well of inner strength, which shines through in his music. 

Nicholas-Capo In 2016, when Capo was just 21 years old, he tragically lost both his parents just months apart. The terrible grief of this situation led him to problems with substance abuse, which he would go on to battle for several years. After seven years, he would face more and more challenges, culminating in a one-year prison sentence in October of 2022, which forced him to get clean. Since then, Capo has stayed sober and was able to find a lot of support in his faith and his powerful belief in Jesus Christ, who he credits with saving his life from drugs. 

Now, his music is part of a bigger purpose. Capo is not just making music for the fame and glamour of it all. Instead, he wants to share and spread the story of how he became free and use his music to inspire others. It’s meant to be positive, inspirational, and powerful, offering support to those still battling their demons on the road to recovery.

His goal is to spread good music, something Capo believes is sorely needed in today’s world. And indeed, the current times bring many different challenges, fears, and more, so positive music is always a good idea.

Reroute, the artist’s first single, reflects this mission. It’s a song with a powerful message and an equally powerful delivery. Reroute has a lot of strengths, with a great flow, a singular energy, and a lot of other elements to enjoy.

Reroute is sure to provide inspiration to people going through tough times right now. Those battling specific demons might find that the music resonates with them especially well. However, Capo constructed a mighty anthem that can encourage people of all kinds to enjoy the music and also to feel motivated to keep pushing on. Capo’s message is not empty, as it comes from a place of deep understanding and a sense of faith that is sure to move his Christian listeners, but not only them. The emotional power and solid delivery make this a single to watch out for. 


You can follow the artist on Instagram at @nicholascapo386. This is the place to learn about new releases and see what Capo is up to now. Listen to the artist’s newest single over here, but Reroute is also available at Capo’s official channel on YouTube.