Experience the Salsa Magic of Verny Varela’s ‘Cupido’ – A Musical Journey Through Cultures


Cupido is the newest single from the rising star Verny Varela. Based in Cali, Colombia, Verny builds a unique and stylish soundscape and creates music with a lot of soul and plenty of enjoyable moments. Fans of music from Latin America looking for versatile artists working across cultures and national divides should check out Varela’s work. He has had plenty of experience working with a variety of world-class artists. He used to be the singer for Thievery Corporation and would also compose the tracks for this outfit. He worked with the Orquesta Broadway, based in New York, and used to provide backup vocals for Tito Gomez and Gabino Pampini. Varela has performed across different countries and hit some of the biggest stages and places, such as the Kennedy Center, the Library of Congress, international salsa festivals, the Natural History Museum, the Smithsonian, and so many more.

The artist comes from Columbia and pays homage to the classical style of this country, salsa, as the land has produced many of the greatest salseros in the world. Cali, in particular, Verny’s hometown, is known as the Salsa Capital of the world. 

Varela is known for his work as a singer, composer, flute player, and more. He grew up in Barrio Obrero, one of the neighborhoods in Cali, the one best known for its devotion to salsa. He studied music at the Universidad del Valle in Colombia, going on to do a Master’s in Afro-Hispanic Studies and a Doctorate in African Studies at Howard University, located in Washington D.C.

Thievery Corporation brought Verny plenty of experience, as the outfit was nominated for the Grammy awards. But he began his music career with his father’s orchestra, El Nuevo Son. In 1996, he began working with celebrated Cali artists. By 1997, he was the head of Gabino Pampini’s orchestra, and then he joined the Tito Gomez orchestra to go on tour all through Europe and the U.S. In addition to his collaborations with Thievery Corporation for three hit albums, he worked with the Broadway Orchestra for their fortieth-anniversary album. Verny Varela has received three nominations for the Wammies, Washington Area Music Awards. 

The artist has worked non-stop to develop his musical talents for over three decades, and this is evident in releases like Cupido. Through relentless discipline and a strong focus, Varela has made himself one of the greatest exponents of salsa, working outside of Colombia and bringing the flavor and sound of Cali everywhere he goes.

Cupido is a showcase of Verny Varela’s amazing skills. He brings the best sounds from Colombia with a deeply unique take and a strong grasp of the craft of music. His songs are unique and have a lot of charm, with plenty to engage listeners, from a charismatic performance to a meticulously crafted sound to infectious energy. Fans of salsa and modern music can find a lot to enjoy in Varela’s music.

You can learn more about Verny Varela on his website.