Enjoy the scintillating Latin singles, Concha la Lora and El Culequé by the Chilean-Cuban band of Sultanes del Ritmo and Pablo Sabor

rturo Valverde_ Gerente General de Sony Music Chile (al centro)_ junto a los Sultanes del Ritmo_ Lino Borbolla Patricio Fredz_ Pablo Sabor y Alex Salcedo

The Chilean-Cuban band, with multiple Latin Grammy nominations in 2022, including the categories Best Modern Tropical Music and the Album of the Year, with their final two productions, El Culequé and Por Donde le Entra el Agua al Coco? is preparing their new album, which they are planning to release in March of 2023. 

Their first single, Concha La Lora, is streaming on digital platforms and has been a great success in streaming on Spotify.

On the other hand, Pablo Sabor, one of the founders, the producer, and composer of the band, has underlined all the support that the band has received from Héctor Santos Fernández, the biggest music distributor in Chile, and from Arturo Valverde, the CEO of Sony Music Chile, who highlights the great potential of this Caribbean music outfit and advises them to show themselves in and promote themselves in Mexico, the United States, and Europe. Furthermore, Pablo Sabor confesses that one of the dreams he has is to become a part of the family of Sony Music, which has under its wings the main Latin artists worldwide, including Carlos Vives and Gente de Zona.


The band is now working on new songs like Díscolo, which will include lyrics and also fuses tropical beats with seventies’ style disco vibes, becoming a potential hit that could provide the name for the upcoming album.

He assures that this time the big goal of the band is to join the top 5 best records in the world in the Best Modern Tropical Music Album category and be nominated for Best Album of the Year once again among all musical categories.

They are also planning to release the music videos for two of their new singles, Concha la Lora and Díscolo

Life keeps smiling upon the Sultanes del Ritmo, and the good news keep on coming. 2023 is sure to be the best year for their commitment to music and becoming established on a worldwide level. Congratulations on that!