Don Julio Bats: The Visionary Maestro Behind BGC Melody’s Success


Introducing BGC MELODY: A Harmonious Journey with Visionary Maestro Don Julio Bats!
Step into a world where music transcends borders and creativity knows no limits. Meet BGC MELODY, a captivating ensemble of talented musicians brought together under the visionary leadership of the illustrious Don Julio Bats. This dynamic group operates under the wings of an independent international record label, bearing the same name that has become synonymous with innovation and sonic brilliance.

In this blog article, we will delve into the inspiring story behind BGC MELODY, exploring their musical prowess, unshakable passion, and their quest to reshape the global music landscape. BGC Melody is currently comprised of artists Bah’Ndong, Cindy Mbando, Mobe Molondo, and Thisis Mokom. The brand also includes former artists of the record label – Elie Solo, LaLa, Deenah, Jayé, Pope Switzeal, Yaria Neemah, and Ziiana.

In the fall of 2022, BGC Melody’s ensemble of artists joined their voices together with guest artists to produce what has been described as the greatest football (soccer) anthem ever done for a national team: WHEN LIONS ROAR. The track was a tribute to the Indomitable Lions – Cameroon’s national team – and to all the African soccer teams which had qualified to represent Africa at the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022. BGC Melody released COOKIE CRUMBLES in March, 2023, the first song of an upcoming soundtrack album for a new movie, produced by the label’s movie production unit – BGC Melody Story. Recently, on July 1st, BGC Melody released another Amapiano/Afrobeats EDM Fusion track, “WETIN CONCERN WE,” featuring its veteran artist Bah’Ndong and the youngest in the label, Thisis Mokom.

In addition to this core group, BGC Melody also operates as an open production house that invites independent artists, friends of the label, and artists signed with other entities, to collaborate in musical production under its brand name.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Don Julio Bats. Join us on this melodious journey as we uncover the magic woven by Don Julio Bats and his extraordinary team, as they continue to push boundaries and create harmonies that resonate with hearts worldwide.

Who were the first artists or bands to inspire your love for music?

The first artist was Cameroonian legend Manu Dibango, the inventor of Soul Makossa, the first attempted fusion of African Music with modern soul music. Manu was so great even Michael Jackson couldn’t resist copying his work in “Wanna be Starting Something.”
The first band was the American Soul/R&B group, Kool and the Gang, whose music will never grow old.

BGC Melody was only recently established as a group after you brought together the different artists of your label under one umbrella. Did you ever form a band or were a member of one in the past?

I didn’t form a band in my younger days, but I was always a member of one. In Catholic boarding secondary school, I played the guitar for the school choir and in a small 3-person band with two other enlightened schoolmates. In high school, I was vocalist and rapper with the main school band and guitarist for the school reggae band. In university, I played for the Yaounde University Orchestra and did background vocals. Later in life, I settled on journalism, military, diplomacy, and business management before turning back to music with the creation of BGC Melody. But this time, I focus on creative direction and management for the artists signed to the label, which also functions as a group.

What is the primary inspiration behind the music you produce as BGC Melody?

Everyday stories that touch the lives of people. Every artist at BGC Melody is required to be attentive to their surroundings and what’s going on around the world and encouraged to interpret their experiences through their lyrics.

BGC-Melody BGC-Melody

Is there any popular song you wish you had written yourself?

Wow… so many, but definitely “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly. Transcends generations and applies to all humans of all races of all social backgrounds.

Is there any moment in your BGC Melody career you wish you could relive?

That moment hasn’t arrived yet. When it happens, the whole world will know: “And the Grammy goes to… BGC Melody!”

Name just one artist in the world you would most love to share a stage with at this moment in your lifetime.

Burna Boy. Just imagine all BGC Melody artists on stage with the African Giant!

Other than Bura Boy, name one artist you would love to collaborate with.

Right now, Tayc. He’s so awesome… And he’s my nephew too! So I would really love his management to allow BGC Melody as a group, or my artists individually, to do some real good stuff with him. He has a great voice and great tracks, but we could add some awesome songs in English to his repertoire and open shows for him on tours around the world.

Where do you see BGC Melody in five years?

BGC Melody – both group and the music label – will be well established in Africa, the Americas, and Europe, in the hearts of African music lovers of the Diaspora. We would have had multiple single and album releases and tours on our belts, and we will be serial contenders for multiple Grammy Awards in several categories. Let’s manifest this into reality. See you in five years?

Definitely, Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!