Diving into the World of Aaron Racer: Music and Literature Intertwined


Aaron Racer is a singular personality, a talented artist, a writer, and a musician specializing in metal music. He writes and performs songs, often with tracks that tie into his books and create transmedia narratives with a great deal of impact. Racer tells his stories in a unique way. 

The author describes himself as a regular geek distinguished by a particular, odd imagination. He has published three books and continues to release songs, many of which are tie-ins for his written narratives. Of particular interest are Tales from the Shadows and Tales from the Shadows 2: Thorns in the Veil.


Tales from the Shadows is a compilation of six chilling tales. They transport the listener into a terrifying new world, where there are monsters lurking nearby in the shadows and where the darkness can come alive at any moment. The compilation received highly positive reviews from the readers. 

Thorns in the Veil takes a different approach and tells a more self-contained story with shades of religious horror and family drama. A woman, freshly divorced, and her daughter are fighting their grief and the loss of a close loved one. But as they do, demons threaten to overtake them. The family is at risk of succumbing to their haunting as they face the difficulties of life in Columbus, Ohio. Reality and horror come together to make life difficult for this family, and God and the Devil pay attention to the desires and sorrows of their hearts.


In addition, Racer has released Katzdale, a cartoon world that follows Ronnie, a former strip club owner who has been killed and then became a cat. There are many acid and fun stories to follow as Ronnie faces a variety of enemies, from a catnip drug lord to an alien army to even Adolf Wolfer, the head of the Dog Reich. This is a bold and sharp satirical story.

For Racer, his music is not a separate pursuit but rather something intrinsically connected with his literary work. The songs deepen the universes he creates and help explore the emotional aspects of the stories. His music falls into the genre of metal and reflects the horror, satire, and deep emotion that readers can find. As music, the songs also stand on their own but come with a deeper narrative, fitting neatly into fictional universes that make them feel larger than life. Fans of metal should find a lot to enjoy here.

Follow him on Instagram @aaronracer27 for a look behind the scenes of his creative projects and a peek at his charismatic cat, Solo, also known as Solo the Destroyer. Discover a large catalog of videos highlighting his different songs on YouTube.