Crafting Music from the Soul: Musician Jabriel Woodall’s Unique Approach


We had the pleasure of interviewing Jabriel Woodall, an animator, illustrator, singer, and songwriter. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi Jabriel, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hi, I use several mediums to convey my interpretations of this existence. I utilize a spectrum of emotions in all my works to focus on music delivery, the message, experimentation of voice utility, and genre-bending styles of music. Emphasizing spirituality in my body of work, I hope to inspire others to discover the wholeness of oneself through duality, loss, trauma, and pain while finding God within or higher self. 

Please tell us more about your journey.

I grew up in a poor neighborhood in the projects of Memphis, TN, but despite all that was dealt with, I still sought to achieve my artistic ambitions. I had always enjoyed cartoons and video games and the music of those games. That sparked my interest in wanting to be an animator and game developer. In high school, I joined the marching band, which sparked again my desire to dive into music composition and instrumental performance. I often fantasized about performing in an orchestra but didn’t get to achieve that goal as of now. Little did I know all my higher education pursuits in animation, graphic design, and electric fundamentals would lead me to develop mixed media music videos, animation shorts and features, parodies, songwriting, and singing. One thing I learned so far in life is to not limit yourself by mere titles. I didn’t wait on anyone to approve me or dictate when I was qualified. That’s why I unlocked my potential to sing because I am a creator, and I made it happen. I recalled so many times I’ve sung in the shower, singing along to my favorite tunes and artists. Growing up, I would sing to video game music and songs and imitate the voices of characters and sounds. I have always had it in me to sing, even if it was just for fun. 

All my albums are a culmination of the different spiritual stages of my life, the traumas of childhood, and the interpretations of existence.

Please share with our readers about your music projects.

My albums are divinely inspired, influenced, and provoked by the upheavals of life’s dark experiences. Often words just come to me when I write my lyrics as if something deep within, and yet a part of me insists on writing them. I just am writing, and the words just pop into my head so as to foretell the future of global events, shed light on social issues, empower, and encourage change. 

My album “Truth in the Darkness” is one of my deepest, most intimate, and darkest albums because it relays specifically to my childhood issues with my sexuality due to my religious upbringing, social norms that also contribute to my self-hate, my relationship issues, the challenges of loving myself, social issues surrounding desire and forbidden acts of consented sexual exploration as an underage youth. “Free the Souls” album continues the fight of liberating others and myself to act in our true nature with respect to everyone else. I also emphasized developing and reconnecting to the source of creation, or higher self. Basically, reclaiming your power and knowing God is within you and around you. “Battles for Humanity” specifically focuses on human nature, desire, and rebuilding oneself. This album was made to rally the continuous emancipation of mankind from oppressive systems that seek to dictate when or how to love and desire. To bring awareness that Love is Love Boundless and is the most powerful force in this existence. I did an experimental rap Ep that uses more dark undertones and raw language to exemplify the intense emotions on half-truths and narratives used to reshape individuals further from the cold hard facts on topics involving desire, sexuality, and spirituality. 

Jabriel-Woodall--DionysusBacchus Jabriel-Woodall--Free-The-Souls-Album-Cover

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

When I develop my music, I’m not necessarily thinking about anyone else’s standards of what good music sounds like. I feel through the music; sometimes, I get a melody in my head, or something influences me, and I record it myself. I create and record myself so much that I only use a fraction of those ideas. I then take the idea and flow it with the keyboard. Other times I’ve simply written my lyrics; the first go is usually free writing, later into a poetry style and revision. I often try to simplify my lyrics for the sake of being understood and getting to the point. I have a tendency to lean towards ethereal, Electronic, pop, and tribal styles of music, but I have often ended up experimenting with the mood especially involving my vocals. Then I revise the whole composition, often leading to more adaptations and revisions.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can find me on Facebook @jabriel.woodall and Instagram @jabrielwoodall.


Thank you so much, Jabriel, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!