Clandestine Industries Australia is setting a benchmark with their latest release ‘Interrupted’

David Biviano

Clandestine Industries Australia is bringing their newest release in 2022, Interrupted. It is a useful and impressive piece that is sure to bring the band many more followers and fans.

Interrupted follows the popular releases Laney, The Criminal, Junk, Labyrinth, Daja Vu, and Restless Unrest. Clandestine Industries Australia started their musical journey in 2018 and, since then, has gained a significant following and a lot of success, as well as plenty of streams on platforms like Spotify.

This distinctive duo is formed by Jonathan M. Wood, based in the UK, in Cheshire, and David Biviano, from Australia, base din Orange. All the music is written by Wood, and all the lyrics are done by Biviano, so their collaboration always has a great balance between their talents.

Jonathan M. Wood

The music from this duo is distinguished by effective music and beautiful lyrics, as well as pleasant vocals. Each song is a poem on its own with a deep meaning and an exploration of different themes. Their music offers a particular sound and feeling, drawing from rock and other genres to create something interesting and recognizable.

A powerful, energetic guitar plus strong drums and a gorgeous set of vocals make Clandestine Industries Australia’s music. They create something unique and can be recommended for fans of indie rock and indie music in general, offering a novel, deep option for those who want to step outside of the mainstream. It has a darker touch, and Clandestine Industries Australia is a group willing to explore darker themes and more mature ideas in their work.

The band is growing a following thanks to their interesting music, their sound, and the quality they put in each track. Even if their catalog is still growing, there is a lot to enjoy already with past releases between 2018 and 2022. Interrupted is another great addition to this series of tracks and a wonderful place to get to know Clandestine Industries Australia. With an international composition and appeal, this is a band to look out for.

Their strengths are in the combination of the music, with a simple, sharp sound, and the lyrics that always offer a poetic vibe and a meaning that listeners are sure to enjoy. There is a unique balance between the talents of Wood and Biviano that manage to achieve a great result that is sure to please listeners from all over the world. As a result, clandestine Industries Australia is finding more and more fans on Bandcamp and Spotify. 

You can find out more about Clandestine Industries Australia on their website. Make sure to stay tuned for new releases on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Don’t forget to look out for new tracks that bring out the best of this international duo with their stylish lyrics and effective music, sure to find a lot of love among audiences everywhere. Clandestine Industries Australia is sure to keep growing and reaching new heights.