Christopher Meredith’s latest album ‘Two Cities’ blends music with a literary journey


Two Cities is the newest album from Christopher Meredith, a treat for fans of music and literature alike. The double album offers a musical journey adapted from the classic novel A Tale of Two Cities, written by Charles Dickens.

Meredith is a composer, producer, musician, inventor, and also the founder of Rockin’ Horse Productions LLC. He has worked with a lot of high profile artists, such as Michael Murphy, Leslie West, Steven Tyler, and Jimmy Buffett, among many others. He has worked at the New York Shakespeare Theatre in New York City as a writer of musicals. He has also written scores for theatre workshops, dance festivals, and more, with hundreds of projects total. The artist performed original music live for visitors from over thirty countries in 3D virtual worlds. He was also the live music director for the movie Grey Lady. He was also the co-producer of the song Keep Your Eyes on the Prize with G Tom Mac, the title song. Meredith is a proud representative of Nantucket Island.

Two Cities offers a unique journey through twenty-six songs, which come with narration. There are also additional twenty-six mixes without narration. The full version includes lyrics, story pages, and more to create an immersive and original journey.

Two Cities is a project that will help fund the live performance of the eponymous live performance and also the development of a 3D web theatre. You can find Two Cities available for purchase on the Two Cities website, and the purchase plus becoming a fan also nets the listeners a ticket for the online performance of the album. 

Two Cities is an engaging and deep experience that blends music with a literary journey to create something truly unique. Meredith pays careful attention to each detail of the lyrics, music, and presentation to build a double album experience that will keep listeners hooked throughout. The album tells a complex story that will have audiences coming back to absorb each element and understand the element fully.

Make sure to follow Christopher Meredith and discover all the exciting and innovative projects he is creating. He is a musician doing a lot to change the landscape of live performances and create a wholly new approach to online theatre. If you enjoy Dickens and his masterpiece A Tale of Two Cities, you cannot miss the musical adaptation.