Bubsy Millions has dazzled the fans with smooth rap vibes and exquisite vocals in his latest Music Videos Dripping, Negus and Baby Please Don’t Stop.


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Bubsy Millions, a popular Hip Hop Artist. He established Millionaires Music Consulting Company LLC in 2020.

Bubsy Millions is the CEO of Millionaires Music. Bubsy is a hardcore conscious artist from New York City and The Carolinas, who is in a class by himself. Bubsy's emphasis on knowledge of self and others displays the complexity of his music. Bubsy's songs range from depression, spiritual enlightenment, street, and book knowledge to motivational speaking and collective consciousness. Bubsy, the 1st generation college grad, uses his education and street knowledge as he explains how to come up from poverty. 

Let's share a bit about the song before we start the Interview.

If rap is your jam, you can't miss the newest release by Bubsy Millions. He has definitely taken the rap industry by storm with his unique style. Ever since his first song, people can't stop gushing over his music as Bubsy Millions has given us some phenomenal rap songs in the past. And his latest releases aren't any different. 

Dripping, Negus and Baby Please Don't Stop are fast climbing the charts in various countries. And with such fiery lyrics and aesthetic background in music, that was only to be expected. This time he is bound to shatter all previous records. 


Negus and Baby Please Don't Stop were released a while back, and they have managed to garner a lot of attention in a very short while. 

As the audience listens, Bubsy emphasizes learning and mastering a skill to be able to teach others to do the same. 

The rap songs features relatable lyrics with some exceptionally good background music.

As he says in Negus:

“Get money invest let it gain interest now you whipping a lex taking trips on a jet”

And in Baby please don't stop:

She never overlooks me just overbooks me
Best believe that if i want the cookies shes playing hookie

The beat is chill, laid back, and somewhat aesthetic. It's perfect for nodding your head and forgetting all the troubles in your life. You simply can't help but swing your hips in sync with the music. 


The other song, Drippingis every bit as good.

This track also features some really iced-out vibes. 

Dripping is a drill rap song. Catchy lyrical and hard-hitting bass traps listeners in a dark space only to be led out to the lightness and power of Bubsy Millions flow:

Negus see me with the kangol bitches they call me big poppa new chopper 2pac yah negus will wonder who shot ya?

I like to shine like baguettes
i like to shine for the set yeah yeah
all of my negus are threats
all of bitches are wet yeah yeah

Millionaires Music is music for the millionaire minded. You have to want to do better than where you are currently in life to understand and relate to Bubsy music.

Bubsy's qualities include writing, R&B, producing, acting, and directing. Bubsy is a powerhouse and a person who is here to change the musical landscape of the current music business.

Tune in, tap in, and enjoy Millionaires Music.

The theme in the video goes very seamlessly with the overall vibe of the song. The video is pretty much what you would expect in a nice rap song, neon clothes, girls, and lots of twerking. Bubsy millions have a very casual style. His rap never feels rushed. It just flows seamlessly, and the pace of the song is very appropriate. 


Bubsy Millions has certainly done a good job with both songs, as evident by the numerous comments on the official video. People absolutely loved the chill music song as well as the style of Bubsy Millions. He has certainly managed to make a name for themselves in the rap industry with a huge number of followers on his social media. His Instagram alone has 112k followers, which goes to show his popularity.  

Dripping and Negus/ Baby Don't Stop are now available on all media streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. Make sure to check out these great tracks and follow Bubsy Millions on social media for his latest releases! 

Let's get started with the interview now:

Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about your Song Negus.

Negus is an Ethiopian word that means emperor or empress and applies to all humans… Niggas is a derogatory word for blacks that means ignorant. We are the latter – Negus! 

Negus gives a formula to success 1st you gotta buy a brick – a rock. Then you have to chef it in a pot. Meaning first, you have to have something people want to buy, then you have to make it your own by putting your flavor to it. 

Each one teaches one, and that's how Negus can get and make money!  

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

Some strategies are: Allowing myself and my space to be different, my business knowledge, lyrical prowess, and world knowledge helps me. My stand-alone to stand out mentality doesn't make room for a lot of friends, but it makes room for real supporters. I understand this is a business, and I am not here to just make friends. I consult my team before making moves and consult other artists. My education helps my vocabulary range – from politician to street activist. Being in the world but not of it allows me to blaze trails in uncharted territory. 

Any message for our readers

We are Negus. We are Millionaires, and We are Hue-mans. Believe, and you will achieve. Uplift yourself and others! Collective consciousness is rising. Will you be a part of it or miss the horizon. Master your life!

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?


Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, youtube, etc.

All social media info is on my website. Visit it by going to www.bubsymillions.com. You can also check out my Instagram and Youtube.

Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!