Bridging Genres with Omaira Falcon a.k.a. Bayou Fairy’s latest song ‘Dying Is Fine Just Not Today’


Omaira Falcon, also known as the Bayou Fairy, is presenting her new song, Dying Is Fine Just Not Today. This is an enthralling, meaningful track that showcases the artist’s unique ability to tell a powerful story exploring deep topics.

Dying Is Fine Just Not Today is a song that considers the ultimate question of human existence, death. It’s about accepting that it is coming; it’s a part of life, but it’s not a form of escaping it or a form of punishment. The track draws inspiration from the idea of death as what gives meaning to life. Life, for Omaira, is a mystery that offers something new and amazing every moment. It’s worth experiencing all of it, especially as people have the creative power to transform the misery they might face into art, joy, music, and maybe even life itself.

Omaira-Falcon Omara Falcon, the Bayou Fairy, is an artist with a unique approach, a unique sound, and a versatility that is matched by few. She sings and plays the acoustic and the electric guitar, as well as the keyboard and the piano, and percussion. She is also a songwriter and a poet, a solo performer, and just a fascinating artist with a vibrant style. Her voice is distinctive and beautiful, and you won’t find her staying in a single lane.

Falcon plays with genres, her music is full of different styles and ideas. She brings a little bit of indie, alternative, electronic, rock, tropical, folk, reggae, country, blues, folk-pagan, folk-rock, Celtic, dance, pop, and classic rock, and that’s not an exhaustive list! However, while very musically different, Falcon sticks to her message and her ideas about the healing power of love and how that power can lead the person to discover their full creative and spiritual potential.

Omaira is a spiritual person who draws her inspiration from life herself. She believes that it’s essential not to take life for granted and enjoy every second of being alive, the beauty of each part of the Earth, down to the most minuscule detail. She is deeply inspired by the infinite universe and everything in it. Through the ups and downs, Omaira Falcon has turned to music and songs. For her, music is what has made her genuinely happy and aware, ready to transform herself and her suffering into joy, happiness, and kindness. 


In addition to her music, Omaira Falcon loves gardening, spending time with family and pets, science fiction and mystical movies (especially those that focus on metaphysics), the water, and the beaches. She is also overly fond of ping-pong. Omaira was born in New York City. As a young adult, she served in the U.S. Army, completing a four-year tour overseas. After this, she has been many, many things. Falcon studied different spiritual and philosophical movements, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Theosophy, Baul, and Taoism, which are reflected in her songs.

You can find the lyrics and the philosophy behind them on the website. Omaira has thousands of followers on her streaming platforms. You can listen to the songs on Apple Music.