A Magical Tribute by Kent C. AKA Burnout – EP ‘So Silly Symphony’ ft. Wrekonize & Hillary Hawkins


So Silly Symphony EP ft. Wrekonize & Hillary Hawkins is a unique musical offering from Kent C. AKA Burnout. The album is a celebration of Disney’s 100-year anniversary and a tribute to a century of creating wonder, merriment, and hoy.

So Silly Symphony features Wrekonize, best known for being part of Strange Music, and Hillary Hawkins, best known for her work with Radio Disney. The album celebrates a century of wonderful creations by going back to the roots with the Silly Symphonies name, some of the first animated cartoons that were released by the company and that introduced it to the public. Seventy-five musical short films came out between 1929 and 1939 and featured fun, whimsical, animated stories that went along with pieces of classical music. While Mickey Mouse was first developed in the Mickey Mouse shorts, this series of productions was notable for first creating Donald Duck. There were few continuing characters, and each short stood on their own. Seven shorts from the collection won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. But one of the central things for these shorts was the music, as reflected in the name. Today, Burnout is bringing back the theme and creating an original album in tribute to Disney’s classic animated shorts.

Kent Lamond Carter, also known as Kent C. and Burnout, is an artist with a significant musical trajectory. He first entered the industry in 2010 and has managed to work with quite a few major artists and record labels. Some examples include MC Jin, Sadat X, Rah Digga, Sly Boogy, and Block McCloud. In 2010, the artist released his first EP, Phone Freestyle, which came out in December over a decade ago. Since then, he has continuously grown and cultivated his skills. Before Silly Symphonies, the artist dropped Record Union and Agent Deceptive, both coming out in 2021. Now, Silly Symphonies is the newest release and quite a treat for fans of this artist.

So-Silly-Symphony So-Silly-Symphony

Silly Symphonies explores an unexpected theme for most rappers and offers a tribute to something as familiar to most listeners as Disney. Focusing on Silly Symphonies, the beginning of this company, and bringing in new voices has helped the artist take a new spin on an unexpected theme, bringing a unique sound and a fresh perspective on a tribute to something that has marked many people. With this amazing take, solid vocals, and beats to die for, the album is sure to attract the attention of rap fans, especially those looking for more independent and bold artists beyond the mainstream scene.

Make sure to stay tuned for new releases from Kent C. AKA Burnout, and check out the extensive catalog of music he has released so far. This rapper is going places, and his collaborations with other performers, his work producing amazing tracks, and his unique rap styles are sure to take him very far. You can find out more about his music features and publishing needs on kentcakaburnout.desi and kentcakaburnout.com for his older stuff. You can follow him on Instagram @kentc.aka. Discover everything he has to offer and enjoy Silly Symphonies, out now!