This health startup for kids is getting popular with the parents…Learn more about Dr. Dad by Dr. Gaurav Nigam!


Dr. Gaurav Nigam, also known as Dr. Dad, is gaining many followers and attention thanks to his startups. Originally meant as a series of posts, the projects by this professional have reached hundreds and thousands of people.

Dr. Gaurav comes from New Delhi, India. He chose to become a doctor and became especially interested in pediatrics because of his love of helping children. Dr. Nigam’s Clinic has been his project for the past few years. It can be described as a holistic institution that puts the needs of his patients first.

His knowledge and skills were developed thanks to various institutions like Harvard, AIMS, NIMHANS, and MGIMS. He has worked extensively as a pediatrician, CEO, scriptwriter, educator, and more. He has seen a lot of success with his transmedia projects like Dr. Dad and the Icare Venture that address children’s well-being through improving parental knowledge.


After becoming a pediatrician through some of the finest institutions, Dr. Gaurav felt the need to share the right information. He saw strong demand for accurate info that can help them prevent problems to their child’s well-being and addressing any situations as they happen. With this in mind, and once Dr. Gaurav became a father himself, he realized just how big of an impact he could have just by sharing some information in an accessible manner.

His idea proved to be right on the money when hundreds and thousands of parents flocked to what started as a personal blog but grew to be so much more; Dr. Dad is a service-based website that helps people better understand the topics of pregnancy and parenthood. It has a magazine focused on parenting and a podcast, as well as other forms of content and consultations.  


Dr. Dad offers a lot of content that takes parents by the hand throughout the process of becoming pregnant, giving birth, having their newborns turn into toddlers and kids, and teenagers. Dr. Gauram reviews trustworthy products and also offers information about all and any issues to keep in mind. He works alongside seven mothers, a pediatrician, two OBGYNs, and even kids, sometimes, to provide reliable information.

In addition to the reliable content, Dr. Dad offers tools to make life easier for parents, including different calculators, such as a pregnancy calculator or a growth checker. Any parent can receive general advice or book a consultation on any topic related to pregnancy and parenthood. In addition to this, the website gives a platform to mothers from all situations and backgrounds to discuss their ideas and experiences. 


Dr. Dad is the product of professional expertise and a lot of commitment to child welfare. It has become popular worldwide, in particular, in India, where thousands of parents have looked to the magazine for advice. 

You can find the magazine here. Learn more about Dr. Dad himself here. You can also follow him on Instagram



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