Indian Mystic Antarguru Sai Keshav says – Make the best use of this time by going within


Antarguru Sai Keshav is a young Indian Mystic, Musician, and Healer hailing from Bangalore, India. He has recently authored the book “From A Mystic’s Diary“, which describes his journey and spiritual practices on the path to Mysticism. An intense spiritual practitioner, Antarguru is of the firm belief borne out of the direct experience, that any form of change, be it social or economic or spiritual, has to be initiated from within rather than being enforced from without. The change or transformation wrought from within manifests the change in the external environment, too, without any additional effort whatsoever.
Antarguru Sai Keshav is now actively engaged in setting up the “Antaravyom Foundation”, an institution aimed at bringing about inner transformation and well being through the practice of mindfulness and inner awareness, using the sciences of Naada Vidya, Yoga, Ayurveda, Siddha and other ancient practices or forms of experiential learning.

How did you get into this path at such a young age? Please tell us more about your journey?


Certain events in life occur rather unexpectedly, some developments take place unannounced. This is especially the case with the spiritual calling that comes when you least expect it. I always saw myself as a musician during my growing up years, and I kept my distance from spirituality. Little did I know or realize that my footsteps were actually heading in exactly the direction I did not intend taking. I had a very powerful inner experience when I visited Siddara Betta near Bangalore last year. That experience revealed the true purpose of my life and this body. Ever since, my work has been to inspire people into better ways of living, with the practice of Yoga, Meditation, and Sound (Naada Vidya). The objective of the practices that I share with people is to help them live the best life possible without having to run away elsewhere, no matter where or under what circumstances they are and what they are doing. My practices will help one tap into something called “Self Knowledge.” This knowledge is not about Mathematics or Science or any other subject of the world for that matter. It is the knowledge of the potential to tap into a state of bliss. We live in the head a lot of the time, engaging in continuous self-talk. My intention is to ensure that your head is a sweet place to be you can manifest and live life to its fullest potential.

What does being a Mystic Mean? What is Mysticism?

This is a common question asked of me. Many people confuse a Mystic with a monk or an ascetic. On a lighter note, seeing my attire, they likely will mistake me to be a monk! Mysticism is all about recognizing that life has a spiritual meaning and purpose, which does not, however, require an individual to renounce the external world. Mystics can embrace the spiritual within the mystical and the mystical within the spiritual. The mystic’s path does not always involve or necessitate giving up on the worldly life. While some Mystics may take to such a path, many continue to live right in the midst of society and work for its spiritual well being with the help of willing individuals. I am very much like any others around me, the only difference being that I have consciously chosen to dedicate my life for the transformation of the people around me, using my knowledge of the inner self and the Yogic, Meditative & Sound related practices that help attain that knowledge. Anyone, no matter where they are or what they do, can take to the path of Mysticism. My dream is to enable and witness the emergence of more and more Mystics in our country and the world at large. The path of Mysticism involves the experience of the subtler aspects of life beyond our five senses. I do not wish to delve deeper into this topic at this point in time, lest it confuses the readers or makes it a tad too complicated for people to grasp on this medium.

What inspires you?

Waking up every morning is, in itself, an inspiration for me. It is an undeniable reality that 56 million people die every year, and that is an average of about 153,424 people dying every single day! That itself, to begin with, is inspiration enough. The next phenomenon that inspires me is the kind of transformation people who have been with me, undergo. That makes me want to reach out to more and more people to see their lives, also undergoing the same transformation. This is my way of serving the society that I am a part of.

What is the meaning of the name “Antarguru”? is there a significance of why you chose to have this name spiritually?

Antar means Inner or Within, and Guru means a Teacher. The literal translation is “The Guru Within.” My life has always been directed from within, and I strongly believe that one’s inner self is the true and ultimate teacher. The name Antarguru serves as a good reminder to people to tap into their own inner self and reservoir of knowledge within instead of looking for solutions outside, all the time.

Looking back, what’s the one thing you wish you understood better before you ever got started?

I have no such wishes. We are the best at what we do today and where we stand today, only because of that past. The only thing you can understand is your present moment. We are moving from one present to another present. There is no point in living too much in the past or planning too much for the future when all you have is the present.

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

My journey has No success or failure and No Strategies for sure! A Mystic is one who just goes with the flow. If you would like to label that as a strategy, you may do so by all means!

Any message for our readers?

We are living in some very challenging times, with the COVID 19 Pandemic. I urge everyone to make the best use of this time by going within. Treat this period uncertainty & adversity, as your personal opportunity to meet and know your true self!

You can visit Antarguru’s Facebook page and Youtube channel to connect with him.


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