Unscratch the Surface, Inc. shares how they changed the scratched glass industry forever!


Today, we are privileged to have an interaction with Richard Evans, CEO of Unscratch the Surface, Inc. from California, USA.

How did you get into glass scratch removal? Please tell us about your journey.

I always wanted to become an entrepreneur. I had heard from successful people that – To become successful, you need to get involved in a business that you are passionate about. Because if you are passionate about something, work will not feel like work. I thought about the areas that are of interest to me. And then I started wondering – What is a problem that I can provide a solution for?

At the time, I was actually selling retrofit windows. I understood that many individuals and contractors are disappointed when discovering scratches in sliding doors, glass curtain walls, windows or commercial tempered glass. And the cost of replacing glass in such cases is huge. So. I wondered how I could provide a cost effective solution for glass replacement. That ultimately led to the birth of Unscratch the Surface in 2005!

Please tell us about your company Unscratch the Surface Inc.


Since 2005, we have been performing premium glass restoration for clients. We’re meticulous perfectionists. We know how to save your scratched glass! 

We’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting our techniques and augmenting experience to become masters in the field of glass surface restoration. When it comes to glass scratch removal, We are the #1 option to save your glass. 

We are regarded as one of the most dependable glass scratch repair companies today. Commercial glass restoration projects are our specialization. We have been restoring large tempered glass panels, high rise glass, curtain walls, and custom glass scratch removal projects consistently for 15 years. If you want your scratched glass issue to be fixed without replacing the glass, talk to us. We work in a way that saves time and money for our clients. 

We have plans to save contractors even more money than our competitors by utilizing local help provided by the contractor. We created the process, have a patent. And I must say that We understand this process better than anyone.

Some of the areas that we specialize in are:

  • Glass Restoration
  • Scratched Glass Resurfacing
  • Marine / Yacht Glass Restoration
  • Classic Car Glass Restoration
  • Glass Graffiti Removal


What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

I believe commitment and innovation in the business really helped us. We always kept on innovating to be better at what we do. Our commitment to the goal really helped us.

For example, When we started, we noticed that glass restoration equipment was not very portable. This was actually an easy fix. With the old system, we could complete approximately 5 square feet of area per hour using a polishing machine with a 3″ felt pad. We innovated that by using a medium-density, 6″ felt wheel and started resurfacing and polishing 10 square feet an hour.

Then, we started using an additive, with the help of a highly qualified chemist, that produced an incredibly cleaner, smoother, slippery finish, precisely like polished glass should have. (Think iPad!)

So, in a way, it is fair to say that we have revolutionized scratched glass restoration. We invented the process that most companies are now imitating.

Any message for our readers

Do not replace your glass until you contact us. Chances are incredibly high that we can save your scratched glass promptly and flawlessly. And at a fraction of the cost of replacement glass!

How can people connect with you?

People can connect with us through our website or via our email id info@unscratchthesurface.com or our phone no 805.295.9020.


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