This website helps reduce Gift giving stress of Americans via crowdfunding…Meet Jeff Han, CEO and Founder of ‘Rolls Joys’!


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Han, CEO and Founder of ‘Rolls Joys,‘ a new way of gifting.

Hi, please tell us about your journey.

Well, as all others do, I have studied hard and played hard. However, my journey may be a little bit unique because I have worked for lots of big corporates in various fields, most likely because of my desire to challenge new things. I love challenges and always enjoy coming up with new ideas. Also, I believe only the idea is not enough; I must execute it as well.  

Please tell us about your company, Rolls Joys.

At Rolls Joys (, our mission is very simple. We are here to help you to get what you really want. 

We are Rolling your Joys by providing you a new way of gifting. Our business has a unique concept of combining a gift registry and crowdfunding to maximize satisfaction and minimize stress. Our service will make you happier once it comes down to the gift.

What inspired you to start your company, ‘Rolls Joys?’

Little fun fact, according to the survey, 57% of Americans receive ‘unwanted gifts,’ and 45% of respondents said they get stressed when they have to find gifts. Don’t you agree with this? I do…

Well, think about some situations like your special days. For example, your big wedding is coming up or your precious baby’s 1st birthday. What would you like to have? I bet you probably want a specific item (possibly a little expensive?) for your special occasion. I was like that, too! 


I found a problem that under the current gift registry service, I could not choose what I really wanted. Instead, I could choose and list what my friends and family would or could buy for me. (not everyone has millionaire friends, right?). That’s why I have worked on this rolls joys platform and present to you~ NO More Stress finding perfect gifts and No more unwanted gifts! Jeff-Han

Fantastic! So how does it work? And how can people find out more about you?

It’s very simple. ‘SCLE’: Sign up-> Create your event -> Link the product you want -> Enjoy it! 

You can share the event information with your friends via SNS or messages and let them distribute love (money) to your event. When you donate, you can hide your $ amount if you like~ (sometimes we need a little secret~) 

You can check our website and our social network pages of Instagram and Facebook for more information.



Any future plans?

Just launched the service in the USA and we are planning to have a big prize promotional event soon, so please come & follow our SNS pages. Oh, and we are also working on the next step with more shopping options for you. Our Luxury Hall (with luxury brands) will be coming soon, so stay with us!!


Thank you so much Jeff for giving us your precious time! We wish you the best for your journey ahead!


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