SA Capital Partners focuses on the small business sector for providing financial services, says CEO Maz Pawar.


Technology is changing the game across industries. The way in which many things are conducted today is completely different thanks to the innovative nature of modern technology, facilitating a better, smoother way of doing things, and financial solutions are not the exception. SA Capital Partners is a leading firm that provides innovative financial services with Maz Pawar as the CEO. 

SA Capital Partners is a company specialized in mergers and acquisitions, as well as in capital raising for companies that are just beginning their journey. The company has been focused on small businesses and provided comprehensive financial services, including corporate advisory. 

Maz Pawar has been in since the start and serves as the CEO. He has over a decade and a half experience in the financial service sector.

Let’s hear his story…

What is the role of technology for today’s businesses?

Technology is increasingly critical for modern businesses. As more solutions become available, the companies adopt them to smoothen out their internal processes and get an edge over their competitors. Digital solutions often provide opportunities for streamlining different situations and improving productivity. Technology can get a lot done faster and provide significant savings and other advantages across the board. 

What do SA Capital partners offer?

We provide financial services that take advantage of the current technological developments. Our services are oriented at different steps of the process, which start with coming up with an idea to developing a new product to deploying the technology and making it a part of daily operations. We specialize in unique solutions focused on banking transactions with a full focus on the specific needs of each company, big and small, and are especially interested in reaching small businesses who might struggle to pay large fees in regards to this type of service. Our goal is to serve businesses that need our support and make our financial services accessible, affordable, and top of the line.

Why have you chosen to focus on the small business sector?

That was our intention from the start. When the company was founded, it was with the lack of access to investment banks that many small and medium companies have and how these companies might not have the reach bigger competitors have. This limits the growth they can have, and it is something we find short-sighted on the part of the banks. We have chosen to focus on this segment because we believe that here lies the future, as the market is the crucial one for the development and economic growth in the US. We wanted to reach the small market not only because we think this is a crucial market but also because we know and understand that it is not getting the recognition and support it deserves. In regards to financial services, in particular, I think that the market has not received the attention it deserves and has lacked the right access to financial services. Many banks have used shady practices when working with the segment, and so we want to provide a solid alternative for businesses from their starting point and throughout their journey. 

You mention that big banks are not serving small businesses adequately. Could you tell us a bit more about that?

Investment banking is an industry ran by large multinational firms that handle huge deals, above 50 million, 500 million, and so much more. Smaller deals, like 5 to 10 million, don’t catch the interest of these firms, so they don’t get involved. But there is a need for investment services and financial services in general focused on this market. This has been a problem for many, but for us, it has been a real opportunity, helping us identify a niche that was not being filled. 

SA-Capital-PartnersHow do you operate?

We have a team of experienced consultants who offer business owners a set of tools for any transaction. In particular, we work with capital raising, mergers, and acquisitions. We strive to have services that are clear from start to finish, simplified, and based on actual expertise. We also do advisory for small businesses, as our particular practice has helped us develop a solid knowledge base that we use to help others understand the field. Currently, we have offices in New York and Chicago. Our company has been characterized by innovation and a focus on neglected market sectors, which I think has been one of the keys to our success. We work hard to provide effective services and build unique expertise that distinguishes us from the competition.

Please share with us your professional history.

I have been in the financial service sector for over 15 years. My direct expertise is with capital raising, mergers, and acquisitions. I have had the fortune of being involved in a variety of assignments in this regard and have been part of dealings totaling over 1 billion dollars. I have held my position as CEO since 2018 and have been privileged to work with a variety of small businesses to guide them across the journey, no matter where they are in the process. I also run other professional ventures in the finance sector.


What are the current plans for your company?

2021 is a year of expansion. We intend to move our headquarters to Schaumburg and grow significantly in the next few months. There are intentions to double our workforce and provide new opportunities and solutions to our clients. We are incredibly grateful that during this difficult pandemic time, we have been able to not only survive but thrive, leading to increases in our workforce, our technological capacity, and more. I am very excited about these opportunities and hope to bring our services to more clients, always investing in our expansion and growth. We strive to stay ahead of the market, and it’s gratifying to see that even during an economic crisis, our services are still in high demand. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can visit our website and our Instagram @sacapitalpartners. You can also check out my Twitter @maz_pawar.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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