Rendezvous with Ugo Loustalet, Co-Founder and CEO of Buyzooka Technologies, a Luxemburgish Start-up in the e-commerce industry.


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Ugo Loustalet, Co-Founder and CEO of Buyzooka Technologies.

Buyzooka is on a mission to make online shopping easy and inspiring and connects to 1.5 million independent online stores all at one time!

Please tell us about your journey.

I started my professional journey in big international corporations, where I grew up as a professional in the sales department to reach the position of VP of new products and diversification in the ACCOR group.

In 1999, I decided to launch myself into digital entrepreneurship, Co-founding and managing from Barcelona (Spain), ​the first international subsidiary of, called, a gaming platform with more than 3 million users at this time. After an excellent launch and scale-up, unfortunately, based on an ‘all-free’ business model, we had to bear the full brunt of the stock market crash of 2002 …

After this period and somewhat losing confidence, I decided to go back to the Brick and Mortar sector by working in Oil and Gas logistics in Cuba, taking the general management of a Swiss oil and gas logistic company for 4 years. Back once again in Barcelona afterward, ​I decided, learning from my failures, to create several Internet companies getting back into the digital economy during the next 12 years. After several exits and absolutely deeply passionate about Tech entrepreneurship, I recently co-founded Buyzooka Technologies, a Luxemburgish Start-up in the e-commerce industry. 


Please tell us more about your company, ‘Buyzooka Technologies.’

We are positioning ourselves as the first ‘Unbundled e-shopping platform’ based on a single sign-on technology. Our technology allows e-shoppers all over the world to access multiple stores by performing only one authentication. Buyzooka covers more than 1,500,000 independent shops empowering the relationship and the digital link between shops and shoppers.

Over the past few years, marketplaces have tried to bundle the e-commerce market, enabling customers to buy a broad range of products in one click. This has led many brands to lose their soul and identities. For these reasons and to avoid entering into this negative spiral, many brands are proposing their own products through their own retailer’s websites.

But still, consumers love the easiness of the Amazon purchasing process and its amazing ability to buy a product in one click.

The good news is Buyzooka solves this tension and brings even more to e-shoppers. You can now shop in more than 1.5 million independent stores with the same easiness, supporting local shopping. We made this app for smart and fair shoppers who want to shop better.



What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

Well, an entrepreneur’s life is like a roller-coaster, you know? It is made up of few ups and many downs. You have to be resilient, not afraid of failure, be inspired, and work hard. I’ve been in the game for 25 years now, and I sometimes wonder how I managed to last with all these changes in business, in mentalities, and technology. The world is changing fast; you have to surf it the best you can, day after day, because there will always be a reward at the end of the day.

But you know what? Think positive, and if you are lucky enough to know how to surround yourself with loyal partners or associates and your skills allow you to do so, then get started. And if you don’t have those skills yet, then train as much as you can, faster as you can because the train will not wait for you!


Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

If you wish to stay in touch, you can check out the websiteLinkedIn and Medium. You can join our community as Earlybird on Buyzooka Facebook page. You can also download Buyzooka Chrome Extension to support local and independent retailers.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you the best for your journey ahead!



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