Never give up and always follow your passion, shares Nils A – Founder of military-themed NFT called NFT Soldiers.


NFTs are becoming increasingly popular as a new way of making investments and making money through new blockchain technology. There are all kinds of growing communities built around this concept, bringing more people into the game. NFTSoldiers is unique with a strong focus and a commitment to military charities. 

NFT Soldiers is a community meant to encourage many veterans to get into the game. It is built around the novel approach to art and technology and a strong commitment to charitable causes, particularly the Wounded Warrior Project that supports veterans across the country. 


Currently, the project will be offering 10 thousand NFTs soldiers, all unique with their own story and their own design. The project continuously offers giveaways for their NFTs through their Discord server, and all people have to do to claim is to join the server here. The spots are limited, and the community is constantly growing, building its own NFT army through a series of unique NFTs. In addition to NFT give-aways, members have frequent opportunities to mint their own. Each NFT represents a soldier with their own story. All the sales come together for a bigger project and community that is aware of what being in the military truly means and supports veterans, being organized by veterans.

NFTs are an emerging and quickly growing scene that allows people to make a novel investment in art and offers new opportunities thanks to a novel technology. NFT stands for non-fungible token and what that means is that each purchase or claim comes with a unique guarantee of authenticity that allows people to own artwork in an unprecedented way. NFTs offer all kinds of images, and NFT Soldiers specializes in a collection of military characters, each of them unique. There are some rare tokens, but each is distinct in its way. With a limited supply, the project allows new people to enter the game through giveaways and is currently building their army of Discord followers, growing quickly. The project is involved in the game scene and is teasing many exciting new things to come as their army grows every day through the server.  

NFTSoldiers If you want to learn more about the project and stay tuned for new updates, you should follow their Twitter @nft_soldiers. You definitely should also join the Discord server that can allow you to claim one of their NFT soldiers while there are still spots left. The project is quite recent and growing fast thanks to their giveaways and incursions in the NFT scene from a unique perspective. As a soldiers-focused project, it has a different way of creating and approaching NFTs and a commitment to support the Wounded Warrior. Founded by Nils A, it promises a lot of developments for 2022 that can be interesting for the NFT scene.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Nils A. Here are the excerpts from the Interview.

Hi Nils, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about what it is that you do and your journey.

Hello, I am currently serving in the United States Army for about six years. I joined at a perfect age, and this journey of being in the military has been amazing. From Duty Stations to Deployments, I’ve like to think I’ve done my fair share in the Army. I think from one Soldier to another, we can agree on is what makes serving the military worth it isn’t just the experiences and memories you make. But the people you meet throughout these journeys of struggling together and “Embracing the Suck” together as a family. While being in the military, I grew a passion for Crypto and Stocks back in 2018 when I first deployed. Not much to do on deployment, I became fascinated with Investing, Working out, and Magic tricks to show friends when we are all drunk having a good time, lol. Since then, I’ve always kept a close relationship with the space of Crypto and Stocks. Through those successes and failures, every challenge and dead-end become life lessons that I will always be glad I endured. During the beginning of 2021, when AMC and GameStop became a huge craze in the stock market, I’ve made some great friends through the internet that later led me into the NFT space. Fascinated with all these NFTs all over the Opensea space, discord channels I joined. I one day decided what if I could make a military-themed NFT called NFT Soldiers. That both my brothers and sisters in all military branches would love and understand, me also being a military personnel and the rest of the world of the MetaVerse. My goal is to create a community that is as strong as the relationship we share being in the military. I firmly believe that this project is on the right path daily, accumulating more personnel that are excited to see what NFT Soldiers has in store. 


Please share your future plans for NFT Soldiers.

First, our plan is to sell out 10,000 NFT Soldiers to our amazing family that we are all excited to release. Immediately after that, we will have 20% of all our sales be donated to the WWP (Wounded Warrior Project) to help those who fought for our freedom and sacrificed so much more than most of us will ever experience. Third and lastly, we will be creating our own Token called $MRE in reference to the mess we’ve all eaten being in the military (Meal Ready to Eat), side note Menu 10 Chili Mac being the best, haha. As we accomplish all our goals, we will also be working with a Veteran company and friend of ours that will be making us custom clothing for our 10,000 who bought at mint, shipping their care package to their address.

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

What helped me become successful with this project is everything the military has taught me. To never give up, what you started, my project will be one of the blue chips of the Meta Verse, helping Veterans and even civilians who potentially also want to join a branch but have no idea where to start or what to ask. Secondly, I would like to thank those that I met through discord channels that I’ve chatted with and also inspired me to keep pushing even when I thought I was way over my head creating a company, let alone the Crypto/NFT space. The world we live in now, sometimes you will get more positivity, help from people you have never met, just chatting within a discord chat room than people you know in real life, and that’s what I love about Technology, and the space of NFTs community has given me. 


Any message for our readers.

Never give up and always follow that passion that you truly love or the fire that burns in your soul. I believe if you have great intentions and an A1 attitude, you can achieve anything in life you set your mind to. I ask that as long as you are better than you were yesterday, you are moving forward on the right path. I’m excited to move forward on our project and to help everyone that crosses paths with our project in the NFT community. Once we get to 20,000 discord members, we will be closing the Discord to keep our Top Secret plans and mission in the dark. We want to make a huge family of Soldiers and help each other grow with Secret plans and investments in the space. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can follow our Twitter @nft_soldiers or our Discord that’s growing daily with Soldiers of the NFT space. 


Thank you so much, Nils, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!