My Pakk’s groundbreaking products have been awarded 3 Patents. Will it change the game of marketing?


Will My Pakk Change the Game?

Albert Wilcox, a.k.a. Al Blaze, Artist, Owner, and Creator of the company that’s about to change the marketing and promotion industry. The company is called My Pakk.

My Pakk has groundbreaking products that have been awarded 3…YES…3 💥💥💥PATENTS.

So you might ask, what’s so special and groundbreaking about this company?

Well, My Pakk marketing has created multiple stylish products designed for advertising, marketing, and leisure things like watching live TV, playing games, and streaming movies. 

The products consist of backpacks, purses, briefcases, and even vests. 

All these different products have a built-in tablet holder, and some of them come with a speaker system as well.

With My Pakk, consumers can purchase the product, put in their tablet, and walk around any event, store, or mall showcasing their brand, becoming a walking billboard as all the eyes turn on them to see what’s playing on their product. This brings enquiring potential clients directly to them.

In addition to that, the youth and young adults are making this a new trend and must have product to play all the trending viral videos on social media and trending music videos.

Customers also use My Pakk products while: 

💥 Travelling

💥 Streaming movies from your backpack or purse 

💥 At Work

💥 Watching live TV on a slow day or break

💥 Entertaining the young ones! Allowing them to play games or stream their favorite shows on YouTube.

With so many ways to use these innovative products that My Pakk has created, consumers can definitely make this a part of their daily routine.

Shop My Pakk products here and follow My Pakk on all social platforms @mypakkmarketing.