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Today we have the privilege of having an interaction with the founder of Let us get to know more about the concept and how it works.

How did you get interested in this concept of Zero Defect Manufacturing?

While touring a manufacturing facility, we noticed the ceiling was covered with banners to celebrate each month of shipping Zero Defects. The ceiling was covered to the point they had run out of ceiling real estate (see image) and began using the walls.

Their quality success was something we had never seen despite having decades of manufacturing experience. We asked how this was possible?

The company representative responded with excitement… UJIGAMI!

To which we responded with Uji… What?

He repeated himself, UJIGAMI! (Pronounced OO-GEE-GAH-ME)

We were introduced to an Ujigami representative, which changed the direction of our meeting as well as our focus. We were given the introduction to Ujigami and the capabilities it brings to any manufacturing or warehouse environment. Manufacturing, as we had known it, was forever lost. The future of manufacturing is Ujigami! It brings an unprecedented competitive advantage to any manufacturer.

What exactly is Ujigami?


Ujigami isn’t merely an overnight success. Ujigami has been in development since 1982. Ujigami is the executed vision of Mr. Edward Dickson. Mr. Dickson began by servicing a need for Vehicle Body Dimensional Analysis. From there, Ujigami developed year after year by addressing manufacturing facility needs for better tools. As noted in the chart below, Ujigami has been intrinsically involved in the betterment of manufacturing since its inception.

Upon gaining a better understanding, we recognized where manufacturing was heading and wanted to be a part of it.

So, that led to your interest in Zero Defect Manufacturing?

Yes, you are right. Since Zero Defect Manufacturing has been assisting manufacturing companies in deploying their digital strategies and MES Software Systems. Its primary focus is to mentor manufacturing companies through their digital transformation. We help and support with implementing paperless work environments, Manufacturing Execution Software Systems (MES), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Pick to Light Systems, and Real-Time Reporting. Ujigami works with Lean and Six Sigma tools to support and improve production up to Zero Defects Quality!

That sounds interesting! Can you please explain the process in detail

Zero Defect Manufacturing targets a hands-on approach to assisting manufacturing companies. We do so with our 5 phase approach to success.


Phase I – Consultation

In Phase I, Consultation, our industry experts work with you to identify quality and productivity opportunities and objectives. In this phase, we visit your facility, gain an understanding of your challenges or issues, and target a solution.

Phase II – Process Design

In Phase II, Process Design, our process and quality experts review the existing processes and develop a new Process Flow Diagram (PFD), Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (PFMEA), Control Plan (CP), and Plant Layout to reflect the desired improvements. We work with your team to analyze and understand production constraints.

Phase III – Product Configuration

In Phase III Product Configuration, our technical experts optimize hardware and software products to deliver the objectives of the project. A significant benefit to Ujigami is its ability to be deployed WITHOUT programming. Linked here is a video of an operator manufacturing brake assemblies on an Ujigami optimized work cell.

UJIGAMI MES BRAKE ASSEMBLY VIDEO – As you can see in the video below, there is ZERO programming needed to achieve this level of manufacturing.

Phase IV – Installation Integration

In Phase IV, Integration, project teams implement the optimal solution for your production facility or line. This includes training and third party coordination if needed.

Phase V – On-going Support & Service

During Phase V, on-going Support & Service, on-site, and remote service are available to ensure your results are achieved and maximized through a process of Continuous Improvement.

You mentioned MES Software, Can you please help us understand about it?

MES Software helps you to lead manufacturing success

  • Ujigami – Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS)– Beyond MES
  • Ensures Zero Defects Quality
  • Highest Level of Productivity
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Lowest cost to produce your products
  • Flexible and versatile yet simple to configure and extremely powerful

MES Software is easy to use

  • Each serialized part manages its own birth certificate to ensure all product specification requirements are completed before shipment
  • Operators are guided by graphical paperless work instructions and immediately notified when corrective action is required
  • Poor quality parts are identified and tracked to ensure corrective actions are performed
  • Real-time dashboards and comprehensive reports provide fast top-down and read-across analysis

Through MES Software, it is easy to make changes

  • Engineering changes, line balancing, Continuous Improvement projects? No problem!
  • Make changes using a web browser and see the results immediately.
  • If one doesn’t like the results? Simply make further refinements.
  • Manage operators, bill of materials, defect codes, operator guides, quality alerts.

MES Software is VERY easy to configure

  • Define specific requirements and process sequencing for each part, model, and option
  • Assign work to operator stations and automated equipment
  • Define quality alerts, operator certifications, defect codes, graphical operator instructions, repair sequences

MES Software is easy to own

  • Supplies digital knowledge base for Continuous Improvement
  • Extendable for new equipment, processes, and procedures
  • Requires no software or database maintenance routines
  • Supports all shop floor operations
  • No expensive change fees
  • Works without problems

MES Software is easy to purchase

  • Fast ROI
  • Proven top performer
  • No expensive hardware
  • No per-user licensing
  • The only MES with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

One last Question, When we talk about Quality, Something that comes to mind is – Six Sigma. How is Zero Defect Manufacturing different from Six Sigma?

I am glad you asked this question. I think it would be better if I share this image which mentions the differences between Six Sigma and Zero Defect Manufacturing in detail.


Wow! That was a lot of technical stuff about Zero Defect Manufacturing! I am sure our readers will benefit by knowing more about this interesting and unique concept! Thank you so much for your time.


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